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  1. chrispy

    C43 with Supercharger (439bhp)

    If I had the cash i'd have it in a heartbeat.
  2. chrispy

    Had a go in this today....

    Very cool. There's nothing like flying yourself. My son started to fly believe it or not at the age of 9 at Cardiff flying school. He amassed a total of 26 hours flying time by the age of 12 and then said he didn't want to be a pilot :mad: The youngest member they've had I think was 7 :crazy...
  3. chrispy

    Leather Interior

    Everytime i've asked a german e-bayer if they'll ship to the uk they've always turned me down. Killahertz found me a C43 kit on and no matter what I offered the guy he wouldn't ship to the uk :( WHSmiths for Mercedes Enthusiast. It's a damn good read and besides covering all the latest...
  4. chrispy


    I realise i'm in a totally different line of work to you, my wife and I run a few laundry shops. We had plans to open another two before christmas but something wasn't right in my head. getting forgetful constantly, coordination appaling and I put it all down to stress. I used to suffer...
  5. chrispy

    Leather Interior

    Finding a leather interior for a W202 would be easier than getting an audience with the pope (as i'm sure you've already realised). I've been looking for a black one for my 202 for the best part of 4 years and come up empty everytime besides ringing almost every breakers yard in the country. I...
  6. chrispy

    DVD player placement

    Please forgive my ignorance but won't it overheat in such a small place?
  7. chrispy

    Avantgarde W202 Grille

    Ordered one from some clown called Crazy The God on E-Bay (I know, what should I expect with a name like that). No communication whatsoever and after three e-mails and a final threat of an E-Bay dispute (waste of time I know) I got an e-mail from him telling me it was shipped three days ago. I'd...
  8. chrispy

    Power car polishing / buffing / waxing

    I valeted my car yesterday the old fashioned way (the wife refuses to get a polisher) and used Autoglym. Never seem to have a prob with their products and in total (including alloys) took me about 75 minutes. Very happy with the results and by doing it, this now means I won't smoke any of my...
  9. chrispy

    Wanted AMG Aero II Monoblock Alloys For W202

    Sorted now thanks.
  10. chrispy

    W202 Clear Glass Headlights

    Nah mate, Barry is 45 minutes away (or 2 hours if I let the wife drive) :D Yup, it is a big FO ugly star and this tool from E-Bay is taking forever to send me my Avantgarde one. If I had the air fare i'd fly over there and slap him silly. Mind you, if I had the airfare i'd rather spend it on...
  11. chrispy

    Is This Suitable

    Mine just came out one day and didn't stop.The whole bloody lot went so i'm left with the bracket thing on the rear wing and the motor inside. Will this still work?
  12. chrispy

    Wanted AMG Aero II Monoblock Alloys For W202

    Are they for sale or are you making me green with envy :D If they're for sale how much are you looking for for them my friend?
  13. chrispy

    Is This Suitable

    How easy is it to replace the mast though? Does it mean stripping it right down coz i'm the kind of person who always ends up with parts left over.
  14. chrispy

    Full Respray

    Let's say he's an aquaintance. I've seen his work before after finishing and 2 - 3 years down the line and the guy is truly amazing. He has a proper oven baked booth and he's normally booked up 6 months in advance. He has this 1970's petrol blue porsche i'd give my two balls for :rock: I'm...
  15. chrispy

    Is This Suitable

    Ok, my aerial has broken on my w202 and I found this cheap one on E-Bay. As Chrimbo is coming and I have to scale down the amount of money I spend to compensate for santa's little pressies I was wondering if this would do. It's £20 including postage. Fit for the following models:   ・...
  16. chrispy

    HOWTO: Changing Number Plate Illumination Lights - W202

    Thanks for the tips my friend. I changed mine last night to the ice white LED festoon bulbs and shows up much better and clearer and wouldn't have had a clue where to start without your how-to. Shows what a dummy I am doesn't it lol.
  17. chrispy

    Wanted AMG Aero II Monoblock Alloys For W202

    They're a beautiful set of wheels but I really want the Aero 2's i'm sorry :( Many thanks for the offer.
  18. chrispy

    W202 Clear Glass Headlights

    Well, assuming this muppet off E-Bay gets his **** into gear i'll be the proud owner of an avantgarde grille once again in no time (back to seeing my target on the bonnet once again). After a telephone call to the stealers to price new headlamps and corners and my subsequent trip to the hospital...
  19. chrispy

    Wanted AMG Aero II Monoblock Alloys For W202

    It was the 17's I was after to replace my LM6's.
  20. chrispy

    Youngest Merc driver on here then?

    My nipper is getting an A Class for christmas this year (not a new one obviously) and he'll be 18.
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