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  1. yachtman

    Clk 220cdi mpg

    yes each euro step= worse economey to reduce nox the combustion temp is reduced. by lower compression ratio, & at low power EGR. reduced combustion temp= lower mpg. dpf when dirty, needs extra temp in the exhaust to flash off the carbon particles. temp is raised to greater than 650 -700...
  2. yachtman

    Which CLK?

    I can only speak fromthe dieselpoint of view,. the 320 is a wonderfulpiece of kit,with a cracking deliveryof its power. I have had 38.5 MPG over 31 k miles, mainly duals and m way. would imagine low 20s intown in reality. Havent driven the petrol engined clk other than a 500 at brooklands.
  3. yachtman

    SLK200 dilema

    go for it. nothing more fun than the motor you buy for fun, rather than one you have put up with. garantee it will do more than her usual milage
  4. yachtman

    VW Polo 1.4 tdi strange problem

    i think without the free wheel pulley the stator windings get shaken to bits along with shredding the belt due to torque variations as each cylinder fires, but as ever, stand to be corrected.
  5. yachtman

    VW Polo 1.4 tdi strange problem

    burst screen wash pipe?
  6. yachtman

    MB Year shorter than earth year

    yes it is. After service the dash showed 15,500 in both instances. Ihad about 4500 - 5000 mils left before it dropped to service in x days. to quote from the service link posted above, it doesnt suggest a variable year. Service ASSYST Fixed Intervals, 2007-Onwards Many models produced from...
  7. yachtman

    MB Year shorter than earth year

    Bought car new 1/9/2008 1st service 13/8/09 3 days late showing on service indicator. 2nd service 4/8/2010 2 days early on indicator MBs year seems to be on another planet, or is there some other effect taking place? the cabin clock keeps the correct time, so it apparently is not...
  8. yachtman

    SLS AMG tunnel ad. Fake or not?

    YouTube - ‪2011 Mercedes SLS AMG - Laguna Seca Hot Lap‬‎ worth a look as well looked at one in the flesh at Draytons at stafford launch party on wed. Absoutely fantastic bit of kit. suprisingly easy to get in an out, even though the sills seem half as wide as the seats. engine sits...
  9. yachtman

    Need some tools.....

    unless you workon old cars, boats etc. dont forget whitworth!
  10. yachtman

    Tether Mobile Phone To Laptop.

    in short yes depends on make & model,might use blue tooth, more likely a cable. If a nokia, down load nokia pc suite & you are away. personally I use this method when abroad, with a foreignsim, as roaming charges are prohibitive.
  11. yachtman

    CLK Diesels. Buying/general advice please.

    my 320 has given 39.5 over the last year, 38.6 over te 2 years since new. mainly m way driving. Also allow for tyres as the output from the 320 asks to be used, and even with 85% m way a set only lasted 21000 miles. the rears were to the wear 2mm bars & the fronts heavily sholdered
  12. yachtman

    Classic Mercedes-Benz SL500 (telegraph)

    Saw this in the telegraph Classic Mercedes-Benz SL500 - Telegraph enjoy
  13. yachtman

    What happens to TMC when FM is turned off

    As per the title, is TMC going to remain on FM , or will there be some nodoubt expensive method of transfering a digital signal to fm to enable the tmc in nav to remain functional.
  14. yachtman

    Is July just going very slow?

    I was in a local truck dealer today, and intrestingly, his comments were identicalto the OP
  15. yachtman

    New Tyres- Mitchelin are definately quieter

    well I thought the contis were noisy from new, and if anything got slightly quieterin middle life. perhaps it is a very subjective item.
  16. yachtman

    what product for cleaning alloy wheels-lots of caked on brake dust

    any product containing Phosphoric acid works well, such as some toilet cleaners. however dilution before use might me advisable. look on the ingredient list of some of the expensive products ,,and it is there.. the usual priviso, wash off well afterwards.
  17. yachtman

    New Tyres- Mitchelin are definately quieter

    Just had a new set 245 40 17s and 225 45 for the clk, michelin premacy hp MO fit. 570.00 noticealy quieter than the contis as originally fitted.
  18. yachtman

    Got myself a CLK 430 Convertible

    replied re mot on the other thread if the mot is new, mght be worthhaving another done.
  19. yachtman

    CLK 430 Cabrio

    definate fail, without question. would lead to problems ifnoted on a road side check as well.
  20. yachtman

    Meet the new addition to my family.

    cute ! looks comfy in pic 11
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