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    E300 Hybrid - verdict?

    Good to see you're still around you have an E300h yet?

    E300 Hybrid - verdict?

    Just thought I would drop in to see how my all time favourite thread is going....:D Looks like if you really try to drive economically the E300h returns decent figures. If you don't, they are nothing special... What would an E250Cdi return in the same conditions? I suspect there is not a...

    50 in a 40, points or course?

    I would love to know how you can accidentally go through a red light.

    Difference between a supercharger and a turbocharger

    Love these threads, so full of mis-information it isn't funny.....well actually it is :D

    The Koreans Are Coming

    So you would like premium brands to add 10-15% to sales price and offer a longer warranty? How do you see that working when new car buyers usually buy every 2-3 years, therefore not personally able to action the extended warranty themselves? Sure they will retain some of that extra spend in...

    W204 COMAND problems

    No mate it sold some time ago, sorry

    C250CDI MB dont know what's wrong with it

    Seriously, I would ask them to replace the whole car, that is just ridiculous. Who knows what they have done to fix it. At the very minimum, make sure you get the warranty extended.

    Sat Nav map orientation.

    Many many moons ago (Tomtom days) I used heading up, and kinda got used to it (TT maps didn't have much detail other than the road you were on), but have to have North up now, find it so much easier to navigate alternate routes. I don't struggle with the graphic saying turn right when the map...

    E-Class Coupe Facelift Spy Shots

    I also like it. :) Wish they would bring out some new alloys though, those and the options have gone round the mill for some time now.
  10. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    I do, I'm in the Automotive trade :p
  11. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    Absolutely, but sales are sales however acquired. After all, MB are in full control of the situation whether it's massive discounts to lease companies, or pay on tick to private individuals.
  12. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    Eeeesh hit a nerve have we? :D Firstly: Many of these enthusiast owners go Indie, which return almost nothing to MB other than perhaps STAR membership (if they use STAR).....Indies are usually ex MB trained technicians, further draining the MB franchise. MB paid for the training. Parts...
  13. NISFAN

    Reversing camera option

    Totally agree :thumb:
  14. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    The irony is, most of the hardcore fanatics, are the ones that drive 'old' MB's bought used. Exactly the type of people that do nothing for MB as a company, as they never have and never will buy a new MB. :D Duck and cover :devil:
  15. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    :d :d
  16. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    Ah, the days when MB used top of the range gauge specialists VDO. Did they spend that kind of money on the W204 gauges? :rolleyes:
  17. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    Did said van cost over £70,000? ;)
  18. NISFAN

    I am AMG-less (No. 2)

    I guess it depends on what you prefer, but for me the 'whump' you describe on start up is the only aural delight you get that you can really hear. Even driving with the windows down you don't get to hear the exhaust much (with stereo off of course to eliminate the fake sound). You'll sure notice...
  19. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    You are right with regards to the style and type of driving you are doing having an effect on the range, it is a moving target. However, I think most when told they are running out of fuel do make adjustments to driving style. I do feel that MB are behind on this front certainly in W204. My...
  20. NISFAN

    Petrol Warning Fail.

    Welcome to the forum rjmghome :) You might get more sympathy if you don't mention the C word, well not a word but the letter followed by the numbers 63. I honestly think many members on this forum think the C63 is a joint manufacturing venture by Audi and BMW, cleverly disguised as a MB...
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