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    just need to find one that is RHD... a conversation is too costly
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    Any names and numbers? i am happy to do that, basically i have the cash and am ready to go. I want to buy a Yr 2000 model, garage it drive it once a week and slowly, slowly make it one of the best around. As far as super charging goes that would be something that i'd do in the future if i...
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    I am ready to buy a 2000 model. I just need to find 1 They are very rare in Australia. Just waiting for 1 to come up.
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    Hi Guys, just a quick one. Can you supercharge a C43's V8 i am very close to getting one and i want to know what i can do with the engine. Thanks
  5. Crazyjester900

    For CrazyJester

    thanks for that, I kinda disappeared so i missed it. Thanks for the thought
  6. Crazyjester900

    W202 Door Handle Help Please

    Thanks andy, The actual door handle electrics is still fine, the lights still flash green and red when the car is locked and unlocked can the cover or the area the is brocken be replaced? or repaired.. I just really want to avoid the cost of replacing the whole unit.. Thanks
  7. Crazyjester900

    W202 Door Handle Help Please

    Hi guys, I took my car to a mechanic too get looked over at the request of the person who was interesed in purchasing my car. I got it back today and one if the &#*%ing mechanics at the place obviously decided that the button wasn't working so he used the key to get in the car. and pushed it...
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    1996 C200 W202 Remote Battery

    Hi guys, did a search before i listed this post hope i'm not repeating anything. Just a quick one, i'm not sure if the batteries are universal from the UK to Australia. If they are can anyone tell me the batteries i need for my central locking remote? i have the Flick style key. CR2025...
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    Jenson Button and Brawn GP

    Congrats, good race. Look forward to more close ones to come
  10. Crazyjester900

    Employment in the UK?

    cheers. i hope i can make it too :) i was going to go with Bar work, but if i could find a solid job i thought i might even make a go of a bit of time over in Europe. See the worlds greatest driving road, Watched that TOP GEAR episode yesterday :) Just thought, if by some crazy fluke someone...
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    Employment in the UK?

    the company i work with in OZ have arounf 180,000 cars online in which around 3 quarters are cars put up by dealers. we photograph those dealer cars the days are very long and very busy. just trying to establish if there was a similar system over there. plus it's been a mini goal of mine to...
  12. Crazyjester900

    Employment in the UK?

    used car sales are going up! therefore there is more stock to shoot. anyway it's just to see if anyone has any contacts that may help. I'm not after a 100,000 dollar/pound job i'd just like enough to see the country. Cheers
  13. Crazyjester900

    Eating and driving

    what if she killed a child while changing a radio station? i don't think she should have been book. if it's going to be a law make it one. ban it along with smoking in cars??
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    Employment in the UK?

    Hey guys, I'm located in Australia, i have been thinking about coming to try and make a go of it in the UK for 6 - 12 months. I am a photographer by trade and are currently employed by I photograph cars for dealerships, edit, colour correct, crop, Etc. and then upload them to...
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    1 Forum, 1 man, 1090 threads, 2264 posts

    that is one of the weirdest things i have ever seen! 1 question tho. how the hell did you find it?
  16. Crazyjester900

    slaming a w202

    if you do that make sure you change your shock too or you'll be bouncing around all day long :) but yeh SLAM it.......
  17. Crazyjester900

    Wood or carbon fibre?

    i'm guessing they were carbon fiber?
  18. Crazyjester900

    What i found in the shops today - A must see!!

    ok i see where this is going to go... i just thought i'd share :)
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    W202 C43 to W210 facelift Mirrors

    lol, i'd love to know how to do it too.... i'm pretty sure i could manage it but i won't be doing it anytime soon.. Beside i made a choice today to sell my baby and start saving for a beautiful C43... that is not my goal but i think you could utilize the skills of a few others on here to...
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