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    Only if I have £4k

    CLASSIC CONVERTIBLE 1985 MERCEDES 500 SL NEW MOT 500sl on eBay, also, Mercedes-Benz, Classic Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 07-Jun-09 19:05:52 BST) Why are they this cheap now?
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    This is sad, good cars being crushed!

    PistonHeads Headlines "Amongst the causalities include six MX-5s, seven MGFs and a Jaguar XJ-S. German barges haven’t escaped the scrap battle either, with 34 BMWs, 22 Audis and 32 Mercedes all apparently on their way to the heap in the name of the scrappage scheme....However an MG Midget...
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    Bargain Model on Ebay!

    Think you will like it Bear, just got it today - quick delivery! I am pleased with the quality given the price!
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    Bargain Model on Ebay!

    Just bought one of these myself! Maistro OLD FRIENDS Mercedes Benz 280SE diecast Car on eBay, also, Maisto, Diecast Vehicles, Toys Games (end time 07-Jun-09 14:09:02 BST)
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    Potentially stupid question about bolts

    Thanks for all the comments, very useful, it make sense that shorter bolts will be needed, will ask him to get some, otherwise will report back if we do decide to fit them this weekend! Thanks Angus
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    Drying blade - Good or bad?

    When I wash my car, I usually use vinegar or window cleaner to clean the blades
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    Potentially stupid question about bolts

    Hi all, My friend currently have alloys on his C240 and he wants to "down-grade" to steel wheels as he has a set of nicely painted ones which he saids suit the car??? Anyway the question is whether the alloy wheel nuts and bolt need to be changed to steel ones or are they suitable for steel...
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    Extracting Coolant?

    Thanks both, I am not very good with any kind of fluid change, but will try! Thanks Angus
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    This is unreal - what a waste!|65%3A7|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50 This nutter stripped the perfectly good 33k miles XJS V12 engine from...
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    Extracting Coolant?

    Hi All, A rather perculiar question. I have bought a fluid extractor (orignally to extract gearbox oil) - my friend wanted to change coolant in his C180, instead of doing a flush (not mechanically minded and take rather long), could I just extract the coolant and replace with the new coolant...
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    W210 Radio is an option?

    Hi, I am looking for a new car, saw a W210 with only a blank plate instead of a radio. Were radios optional extras on these cars? It seem a little strange for a car this price, also if there are not radio does that mean there are no wire or speakers either? Thanks Angus
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    450slc rip

    Thanks a lot for the comments, it has been very helpful. I might actually look at a newer W124 280E. I am actually wondering, whilst I am browsing today I saw a W210 with a plate instead of a radio on the dash, was a radio an optional extra for these cars and are these equiped with speakers and...
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    450slc rip

    Thanks all, When I went to see her, I had to yank the door open, the roof section was twisted, as far as I can see, it would need the chassis to be stretched, new real panels, new boot, new bumper, new sill, new roof section. I actually think £10k was a rather optimistic estimate on the part of...
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    450slc rip

    Whilst on a weekend in Bath, some nutter crashed into my 450SLC! The 450SLC ran superbly from London to Oxford and from Oxford to Bath - absolutely amazing, with sunroof open, it was fantastic. Now the car has been classified as a total loss by the insurance company, I was tempted to take it...
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    Could a faulty alternator affect the performance of auto gearbox?

    Hi all, Had it serviced and its much much better now, doesn't seem to be the alternator at all, its runs fantastically, which is great. Cheers
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    Holes on the floor

    Thanks All
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    280 engine (110) - same in W123 as in 1985 SL ?

    Derek, I am not sure whether a W123 has a thin radiator or not, it think the 280SL has a recirulating coolant system, whereas the W123 has a no loss system
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    Back on Ebay already! Posted not too long ago!
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    Stereo Removal on Older Mercedes

    Thanks all, the car has had an older Sony CD player fitted so I guess I will try taking it out with the method mentioned. Thanks for the help. Will let you know how it go on, cheers!
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    Not bad for price, arguably last of the gorgeous Rolls|65%3A7|39%3A1|240%3A1318
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