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    C200 Petrol Estate wanted !

    Hi, I am trying to help a neighbour find something close to: 2015 ish C200 Estate - Petrol Ideally with a Premium Plus pack. Tenorite Grey or Black in colour. Any leads gratefully received. I have tried all the usual places! Thanks Harvey
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    E350 CDI Estate 2012 - 85k

    Mercedes E350 CDI Avantgarde Estate September 2012 1 owner 85k miles (mainly motorway) Diamond Silver Black Leather Becker Map Pilot Factory tow bar Immaculate bodywork, only blemish is on the rear bumper Refurbished wheels Very good Continental tyres Immaculate interior Full MB...
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    Crankshaft Sensor Location E350 CDI W212

    Hi All, I have an error code saying that there is a problem with the Crankshaft Sensor not giving a signal in my 2012 E350 CDI. I have ordered the part, but can't find where it is situated in the engine. Do I need to remove the air filter to see it? I have looked for a parts layout diagram...
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    Mercedes E211 E320 CDI Estate Elegance 57 plate

    Mercedes E320 CDI Elegance Estate (Euro 4) 7 speed tip auto. Hoping to sell in August, but thought I would try here first to see if any interest before advertising in more widely. 57 reg, September 2007, 64,000 miles approx, 2 owners, Full Mercedes Service History. Correctly stamped...
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    Mercedes Diamond Silver - pictures?

    Hi, does anyone have any pictures yet of this new colour, recently announced for the 2013 Model E class. Paint code 988, Diamond Silver. many thanks! Harvey
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    E350 CDI or E250 CDI Estate or wait...?

    Hi, We have a 57 plate E320 CDI Elegance 211 series Estate which is great. We had a sport before and found the seats and the ride too hard after long journeys. The only problem we have is that we do lots of miles and already it is on 60k. At some point we will want to roll forward, logically to...
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    What type of USB connection is this?

    Can anyone please help me identify what type of USB connection this is? I thought is was Firewire 4Pin 1394, but it isn't!
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    NTG 2.5 Comand nicely coded

    On Tuesday Richard from Comandonline did a great job coding up my NTG 2.5 that I had recently installed in a 2007 E class estate. He updated the firmware which has allowed me to update the maps to 4.1. He also added the navigation to the cluster and added the gallons remaining and the outside...
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    Mercedes Solihull - so disappointing

    I called Mercedes Solihull about the 2007 Mercedes E350 Elegance Estate, I saw advertised on Autotrader on the 29th August and left a £500 refundable deposit to secure. I was told the car was in the paintshop, and that Tuesday the 31st was the earliest I could view it. I drove up from London...
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    How much to retro Comand in 2007 E320 estate

    Hi, can members please give a ballpark figure to buy a used comand system and to have it retro fitted into an Eclass estate (2007). Many thanks, Harvey
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    SRS warning light on after changing a seat belt

    Hi, I have a 2007 E class Estate and have just replaced the rear near side seat belt as the original belt had developed a small tear where it had got caught. All went well I thought, except I suspect I haven't worked out how to plug in the little green connector pre tensioner electrical...
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    Air Filters E320 CDI

    Hi, I recently had a second service carried out on our E320 CDI estate at 31,500 miles. The garage suggested that the air filters might need replacing, so I thought they can't be hard to fit, so I asked them to supply the parts. Each is held in place with four Torix 20 screws, but there is...
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    W211 ipod fitting problems

    I have just been trying to add the Mercedes ipod kit to my 2007 W211 Estate, which has the telephone preparation, tv, and rear dvd screen. Whilst I have almost got the ipod to work properly, the steering wheel controls aren't working fully. It doesn't recognize the audio, tel or the sat nav...
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    18 inch wheels - too hard?

    Hi, We fairly recently changed our 53 plate E class 320 cdi estate (elegance) for a 07 plate E class 320 cdi sport with adaptive suspension. The previous car had 16 inch wheels and the ride was very smooth. My wife finds the new car far too hard even in 'comfort' mode. It might be the seats...
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    Update to Help Do I Own It?

    Good News Update Last year (14/3/07) I started a thread titled 'Help_Do I Own It?' To recap I went to view a Porsche for sale by a private seller. We agreed terms, I left a small cash deposit and we exchanged receipts (A4 paper handwritten with our agreement and signed). The seller...
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    E320 CDI slow to start

    My 07 E320CDI is slower to start than my previous pre facelift 53 reg model. Is it normal for the V6 to take longer to start than the straight 6. It only takes a few seconds, but the previous model was instantaneous. :confused: (the V6 is much smoother and nicer engine though :) ) Thanks Harvey
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    Sterling silver paint code?

    Does anyone know how to find out a paint code for sterling silver which is colour of the wheels on my 07 E320 CDI sport? My local dealer couldn't help:crazy: Cheers
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    Ipod integration on a W211

    My daughter has just got an ipod which can play via 'aux' on the command through the 3.5mm jack located within the glove box of our 2003 W211. (The lead currently comes out of the 3.5mm earphone socket of the ipod). Two questions: Is it possible to view the tracks on the command, without...
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    B Series - Likely discount available?

    A colleague is planning to buy a new B200 Turbo. List is around £30k with extras. What sort of deal might he hope to get? There was a 3% finance offer, but that has lapsed. Many thanks
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    Help _ Do I now own it or not?

    Last Sunday I went to view a car advertised at £38,000 privately and agreed to buy it for £36,000. I left a £100 deposit and signed a letter saying I would buy it without the cherished plate. I inturn received a receipt stating that the seller had agreed to sell the car at the price, less the...
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