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    w211 08 200cdi intake air temperature

    Hello I hope you guys can help me, I cannon figure out where my iat sensor is located, it has a error code and makes my check engine light come on my engine code is OM646.821 and chassi number is WDB2112071B319531 The part is listed in the epc, but not where it is located..
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    w211 200cdi oil/water leak HELP

    I have a 08 200cdi, and have trouble with oil and water leakage.. see the atteched picture.. The water comes from the box to the right in the picture (what is that box actually, and where can I get gasket? ? The oil leak comes from under the oil filter, it goes a hose from down under and to...
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    Lowering s211

    Where can I buy a adjustable "rod" for my s211 ? I do not have airmatic, just air on the rear axle.. Cant find them on ebay, just for airmatic.. will it fit my car?
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