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    Can I ask why?

    Another way to respond to that sort of question is to say: "When I bought your product you didn't want to know about why I bought it so why should I tell you when I don't want your product?, and I don't have time to explain it now, I am a busy person, sorry"
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    Lance Armstrong and doping

    its even more amazing if you read the US anti-doping paper where they include detailed testimonials from his former team mates... The PDF is on espn amazing reading, and I can see he why didn't contest the charges
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    In Car Camera Recorders

    Did you ever get those cameras installed - any chance of a review?
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    Compressing MP4 movie files (how do I?)

    I would try uploading it to Youtube you can upload up in HD and then just email the link. Youtube will take such big file sizes no problem It will take a while (depending on your broadband speed) as your upload speed is (almost) always lots slower than your download speed.
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    Home safes

    This may be true of the cheaper safes but not the more expensive euro grade safes, if the internal battery dies you can touch a fresh battery to contacts outside the safe to then enter the combination and open as normal. The problem with key operated is the keys are quite big and need to be...
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    Home safes

    I've not used this shop but this safe is probably the cheapest Euro Grade Rated safe , they do a keypad operated one as well As others have said you need to work out where you are going to put it, and what you are going to put in it. Also check the sizes and especially the weight of it unless...
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    Robust DECT phones.

    The problem is, the more "rugged" the handset, then the worse people will treat it... Maybe try a few makes in parallel and see which gives you the best cost/life compromise?
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    How to help the car sell!

    Also what colour and is it automatic?
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    Free WI-FI, problematic.

    you could put the code on the back of the till receipts you give out...
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    Mobile Wi-Fi Abroad

    you could try this or even this but I have never tried it.... looks legit :dk:
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    removing sign writhing

    If it's a woman writhing over the Van I would leave it... :)
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    Insurance advice urgently needed

    I think the point may be that plaster doesnt last forever, and after 20 of 30 years or so you can expect it to fail so you should schedule to replace it. If its a new ceiling then they should pay for it because that is accidental.
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    In Car Camera Recorders

    Thanks, appreciate the feedback, I was wondering how I was going to ask the question of the seller!!
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    In Car Camera Recorders

    Is that this camera you are talking about? - does it have the little rechargeable battery to ensure none of the recording is lost before it can write to the card?
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    In Car Camera Recorders

    Camera writing to memory Card issues One of the issues I have heard about these cameras is that they only actually write to the memory card intermittently - say every 6 minutes or so. So... if you have a bad accident which cuts the power/dislodges the power cable then the last crucial 6...
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    Did Cicero actually say this?

    The actual quote is: "The arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and assistance to foreign hands should be curtailed, lest Rome fall." but note sure if the difference between the two quotes was why the Roman empire actually fell, I reckon it was more to do with lack...
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    In Car Camera Recorders

    Where would you put the rear facing camera? - are they waterproof?
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    Who here is actually going to a live Olympic event

    Just returned back from the North Greenwich Arena (by the O2) with my family having watched some of the Womens Gymnastics - and we had a great time - it was a fabulous atmosphere, well organised, the travel was slick and no problem. Security was tight, I hadn't realised they had "parked"...
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    Options At Trade In Time - A Main Dealer Speaks

    On that basis I say we get a forum member with the above spec to visit this dealer to ask for a trade in price... cue much sucking of teeth, and: "well, you know what buyers REALLY want is.. (and lists a whole range of other options...)
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    Options At Trade In Time - A Main Dealer Speaks

    I also depends where you are in the country. When I bought my C- Class estate, I bought from new via a dealer in Edinburgh ( I live in's a long story) and he was insistent that I needed to spec a sunroof or I wouldn't be able to re-sell it, but when I told him of my location he...
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