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    w140 motor

    hi , any one know where i can find s/h rear off side window motor for a w140 swb .. rgs yuri........................
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    'FAO V12'

    hi v12 please send me some more info on the engines yes mine is a turbo, the colour looks metalic black with a hint of blue. i had some paint made to repaint the rear bumper and the chap said its a shade of blue but i cant remember whats it for the bumpers and...
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    'FAO V12'

    hi v12 mine is a 1992 , its is fitted with the old 603 engine ,mb built the first few diesel 140s with that engine in 1992 then later on with the 350 engines ,it maybe that they were still developing the 350 engine . at the moment i would be happy with any engine that run well.. regards,,,,,yuri
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    crew engines

    hi all, i have been talking to crew engines (thanks dave) about rebuilding my diesel engine, they seem to be very professional. but has anyone here been a customer and if so how do  you rate them ,good/bad /whatever please tell.. its a lot of money i will be spending and i would like some...
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    'FAO V12'

    hi v12, i seen the pics you posted in the members area. some real nice motors ! one was of a w140 s class ,it looks like my cars twin,same wheels ,same colour ,ect,ect. its not a lhd diesel by any chance is it . rgs,,yuri
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    diesel engine rebuild

    thanks david , i will phone them on monday ..... rgs,,,,,yuri
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    rebuild engine help

    hi all, please see my post in the engine froum.......... cheers,,,yuri
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    diesel engine rebuild

    hi all, i have  1992 W140 ,300 TURBO DIESEL(lhd) (s class) its now time for a full engine rebuild ,i want a full strip down and repair /replace /rebore /regrind  what ever it take to restore the engine to what it should be.. its burning quite abit of oil (white smoke ) and also...
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