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    Part Numbers....

    I hope that someone may be able to help me. I have a 2016 C63s Coupe and really want to add the Edition 1 front splitter and rear diffuser. I know they will fit as the bumper itself is identical however I am struggling to locate the correct parts required. Ive tried a number of parts...
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    Parts Department contact

    Evening everyone, I was after a favor, has anyone got a contact at a Mercedes parts department anywhere at all. I've been trying to source a couple of bits for my C63s coupe but my two local dealers are about as easy to communicate with as having a quick chat with the queen. Cheers Ben
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    C63s last

    Well October 2015 I placed and order and deposit on a car I didn't really know a lot about other than some press shots and spec sheet. Having been delayed over and over I had nearly given up on the idea... Until last Friday when I finally took delivery of the beast. I have only done a couple...
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    Finally arrived at the dealer

    I'll leave this here....
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    Well after today I'm glad I ordered my c63s coupe back in Sept

    Visited Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands today and they had 2 C63s coupes in. One in blue stickered up to become part of the driving experience and then one Diamond White in the AMG showroom upstairs. It didn't have many options but having got to actually see one in the flesh and get inside it...
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    2016 Coupe - C63 / C63s

    Who's decided to place an order then. If so what have you gone for and did you achieve any discount. Ben
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