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    Help please SLK R172Radio

    Car has been fine,put it in the garage and next day get message on Radio screen Anti Theft Protection Activated contact dealer I can get radio to come on but it won’t switch off when I remove key have to do it manually! Help please
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    Help Please SLK R 172

    Car has been normal and parked in garage overnight. On starting car today getting Anti theft protection activated contact dealer I can get the radio to work intermittently sometimes stays on, When I park car remove keys radio stays on unless I hit on/ off button. Do I need to got to dealer or...
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    How do you replace the petrol flap housing on a GLC I.e. The large black hinged housing?
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    GLC Fuel Flap Hinge Snapped

    Does anyone know how to remove black casing in order to fit new hinge compartment?
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    Just broken fuel flap hinge,does anyone know how to remove inner housing to fit a new one? Worried about damaging paint! Thank you
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    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Had a tidy out on my R172 SLK and found aMercedes Me Adapter Where does it plug in and will it operate straight away. Thank you
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    Mercedes Me

    Anyone having problems with this Pp? Cannot log in!, Thank you
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    SLK R172

    Can anybody advise please how I can find out which version of command I have in my car? Is 2011. I would like to fit a reversing camera and is it an easy job? Thanks
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    Does anyone know how I can access digital record or get a print out for a car I have purchased. Thank you
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    SLK R172

    I have an SlK that I purchased almost a year ago which was serviced before pick up Has full service history 39000 miles! Unfortunately haven't been able to use as much as I had hoped 700 miles only. Service indicator now says service due shortly. Given mileage covered can I just have service...
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    Windscreen Chip

    Does a chip have to be certain size before it can be repaired? I have a small chip straight in front of my line ovision and it's really annoyingly!,
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    Dashcam help please

    New car to me had previously fitted with a cheap Dashcam. Hard wire power lead still there! Managed to ascertain that it's 12 V 1A Want to put my camera in which states 12V 1.5A Would I be ok to use this rather than having to fiddle getting new lead through? Thanks in advance
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    I have been offered a space saver wheel from an ML It's 5 x112 ET 40 Tyre size 155 x90x18 My standard wheels on my GLC are 18" 5x112PCD ET 38 Would this be OK as a spare wheel? Thanks in advance
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    LOoking for a GLC wheel alloy or steel. As long as it's useable. Thank you
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    Are there any other wheels from the Mercedes range that can be used as a temporary spare on my Mercedes GLC THANK YOU
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    SLK R172

    When I press air con button it flashes then goes off. Should it remain on,what am I doing wrong? Thank you
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    Help Please SLK R172

    Have just acquired SLK R172 How far should the boot open when using key fob Boot opens about 6" and is very heavy to push up from there. Is this normal? Thanks
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    GLC Running Boards/Side Steps

    Has anyone fitted aftermarket items,if so are they ok? Many thanks
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    GLC Running Boards

    Looking for a good set of GLC running boards with figments if possible. Thank you
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    How do you feel about paying the new £450 rate for an addition al 4 years?
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