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  1. Parrotman

    "Fulfilled By Amazon"

    Yes, but contact Amazon in the first instance. Do not deal with the seller, your contract is with Amazon and the seller may attempt to impose their return conditions rather than Amazon's. Last year I purchased a pair of computer speakers via Amazon fulfillment. They stopped working 6 months...
  2. Parrotman

    Deleted photos on a Mac

    Time Machine ?
  3. Parrotman

    Outlook for Mac 2011

    You can download a free 30 day trial of Office for Mac from microsoft. The mac Outlook version is not a replica of the pc version and it handles mail slightly differently, worse imo. I use Apple Mail for multiple email accs albeit home use and prefer Pages & Numbers to Word & Excel.
  4. Parrotman

    Photo editing software

    Would recommend Photoshop Elements for Editing but not too keen on it's Organizer so never used it. Handles Raw files extremely well. Though a cut down version of Photoshop it does include a couple of features that PS does'nt have. Found PSE Editor easier to use than Corel and offering more...
  5. Parrotman

    How to try and limit telephone sales calls

    I have'nt received any commission though this was'nt the prime motivator. I think the minimum commission paid is £5 and to achieve that there would need to be quite a few calls of long duration.
  6. Parrotman

    How to try and limit telephone sales calls

    Fortunately I do not receive spam calls to my mobile but after becoming inundated with such calls to the landline I took a free subscription to an 0870 number which is diverted to the landline. The 0870 number is my official telephone number for everything ie, banking, insurance, billing, etc...
  7. Parrotman

    PayPal query.

    Contact Paypal. Although Paypal may well debit your credit card a/c ( or your bank a/c depending upon how you've set it up ), you have no legal redress via your credit card issuer as they did not make actual payment to the supplier. Ask Paypal to apply a charge back, you might just be lucky.
  8. Parrotman

    Camera Flash Gun

  9. Parrotman

    Dipped beam problem

    This happens occasionally on my C220 CDI ( also Xenons) though so far it's always only the RH bulb. Generally if I stop, switch off, remove ignition key and wait a few seconds before restarting it then works ok for a further few months. I figured that if it was a fault with bulb and/or ballast...
  10. Parrotman

    Anyone have a bank account in Germany?

    I recently made a payment to Germany via Internet. Cost £10. To make payment via Bank branch cost would have been £20.
  11. Parrotman

    SLR Lens Advice

  12. Parrotman

    SLR Lens Advice

    You can also use it for low light, landscape & street stuff, just bear in mind it's not a zoom so you might have to walk a couple of feet or so forwards or backwards to get the composition. Not a Canon Man but I'd still consider the 18-135 over the 18-200. If there's a dealer near by that has...
  13. Parrotman

    SLR Lens Advice

    I'm a Nikon man ( sorry chaps !) and have 3 lenses; 50mm f1.8; 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 and a 70-200mm f2.8. The 16-85mm is my walkabout lens and no doubt as with it's Canon equivalent gives excellent results. The 18-135mm is a possible alternative. The super Zooms such as 18-200/18-250 etc are ok but...
  14. Parrotman


    Have you tried trawling iPad Forums ? Some users seem to have similar experiences ranging from an os bug to magnetic cases and security settings ( wep ) causing connection problems. FWIW I have a Netgear router and iPad2 os is 4.3.3. with no issues. Might be worth contacting Apple Support perhaps.
  15. Parrotman


    The User Guide is preinstalled under Bookmarks. Open Safari then Bookmarks.
  16. Parrotman

    CCTV advice please
  17. Parrotman

    Will diesel cars get banned ?

    Don't know where these people are coming from: Forcing diesel cars off the streets is political lunacy - Telegraph ps. I love my diesel !
  18. Parrotman

    Digital SLR

    Compliment with the 70-300 and you'll have a darned good combo bearing in mind the majority of your shots will be up to 100mm anyway, especially if they're walkabouts. The 70-300 will give you that bit extra reach when needed and blow the 18-200 away on the longer focal distance, plus enable...
  19. Parrotman

    Digital SLR

    There is not too much to choose between the different makes, image quality is good across the board. Perhaps more importantly is the feel of the camera, go into Jessops and handle them. I preferred Nikon's ergonomics over Canon and now suffer from NAS ( Nikon Acquisition Syndrome). For...
  20. Parrotman

    What's everyone listening to ?

    YouTube - Take Me To The River - Talking Heads
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