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    E320 shuddering

    I think I have the same issue.I was told by MB that there was water in the gear-box and that the Rad and Torque-converter need replacing. They did say that the issue was'nt too serious just yet but still managed to quote 3000 euros to fix it. Converter 900e Radiator 600e Labour 1 grand?!!! and...
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    S320CDI Shuddering

    Shuddering I have an E320 and last week it went into MB and came out with exactly the same evaluation. They said that water was going from the radiator into the gear-box,needed changing etc etc... Total cost 3 grand!! Gearbox 900 euros,Radiator 600 euros,oil 240 and get this....1000 for...
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    Radiator issue

    Hi all.I'm looking for help with a radiator problem on a E320. I want to add rad seal but don't know where it should go.Should I just add it to the coolant? Ok.Forget this request.I think I have this shuddering problem that I am reading about in other threads.. I've been told it's not too bad at...
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