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  1. drivebyabuser

    M271 250 CGi - Dirty Oil

    I have just had a service on the C207 250 CGi When the mechanic changed the oil he said it looked quite mucky, its the 2nd time I remember someone saying that. I know these engines have a tendency to grenade themselves, is dirty oil any kind of indicator? - Its been about 1 year and 6K miles...
  2. drivebyabuser

    C207 Rear light failure

    Solved this - Seems that both wires were broken. I cut them at the plug and connected the brown directly to earth (bolt by the rear fuse box) and spliced the green and white to as far down the loom as i could - Near the junction where the large loom comes from the front of the car and splits by...
  3. drivebyabuser

    C207 Rear light failure

    Back to MB ownership in the shape of a 2012 C207 250 CGI. Its all very lovely actually, however the inside rear light (the one on the boot lid) has stopped working. The unit is fine - Works on the opposite side connector, so am troubleshooting. Stripped out the carpet from the boot, and had a...
  4. drivebyabuser

    Which Snow Foam ?

    I went the Amazon route too - Bild Hamer stuff works very well and bundled with a gun it seemed good value too.
  5. drivebyabuser

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Public Service Broadcasting Utterly epic record
  6. drivebyabuser

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Has this one been on before - tough to find....
  7. drivebyabuser

    R129 Sports Suspension - Options?

    Good call - thanks Jinbal - Perhaps a little lower than i was thinking but in the ball park
  8. drivebyabuser

    R129 Sports Suspension - Options?

    Thanks Doodle - Thats kind of what i thought. Has anyone used the Bilstein B12 Kit as that seems the most popular one about.
  9. drivebyabuser

    R129 Sports Suspension - Options?

    I have a 2000 R129 SL500. I want to keep it as OEM as possible but it does sit a bit high (and wallow around in corners....they all do that sir) Did they do a proper sports suspension option. I have Seen R129's that look a little lower than mine I'm sure. I have a weepy front shock that will...
  10. drivebyabuser

    R129 Heated seat issue

    Heard back from MB parts. The heated seat and the sensor for the seatbelt is the same thing. £199 + Vat from them. Special order but available
  11. drivebyabuser

    R129 Interior Trim

    I could be interested. How much you looking for?
  12. drivebyabuser

    R129 Heated seat issue

    That was my fear - Is a seat pad possible to replace or is it just easier to get a new seat from a breakers?
  13. drivebyabuser

    R129 Heated seat issue

    Thanks - I planned to take the seat out in the next few days.
  14. drivebyabuser

    Whiny PAS pump - R129 SL500

    When the car is cold i get a really whiny noise from the PAS pump. As soon as it gets warm it seems to settle down. Im taking it in for a service at Merc but before i do does anyone have an idea what it may be. Levels look fine for fluid etc and no play on belts. Thanks
  15. drivebyabuser

    R129 Heated seat issue

    Only the back of the seat gets hot on my SL500. Its a MY2000. The Passenger seat works fine, but the base of the drivers seat stays cold while the back gets warm. Any ideas?
  16. drivebyabuser

    SL500 wheels

    I have the standard 6 hole facelift wheels on my MY2000 - They are pretty unpleasant IMHO
  17. drivebyabuser

    SL Owners register

    1. Acej - SL63 R231 Eurocharged stage II, Rado sports cat downpipes,730bhp 1180nm 2. JRH30 - SL55 R230 LSD, lowering module, Cats/Res Del, remap/pulley, 19" AMG IVs, EC Heat Exchanger 3. sl55plymouth - SL55 r230, Lsd. 4. Reflex-boy-SL500 R230, roof module,3M carbon wrapped interior wood 5...
  18. drivebyabuser

    18"Amg monoblocks

    Hey - If you still had them then I would make you an offer on them. I just need to make sure they fit my R129 SL500 Thanks Barnaby
  19. drivebyabuser

    New SL500 owner - Engine Indentification

    Is the 24valve that much worse than the 32v unit or is that just forum talk.
  20. drivebyabuser

    New SL500 owner - Engine Indentification

    Thanks for that. I collect the car next weekend and will drop you a message. B
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