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  1. David404

    Query on Command Error code

    Many thanks for your response, much appreciated. I cant see how to access the firmware version of the Command unit - any ideas how to do this? The Star report was generated on recent service so I don't know if the code was erased or not. Looking at the code more closely (for the fan error)...
  2. David404

    Query on Command Error code

    One for the more technically minded. Apart from recent issues not connecting to my phone (Google Pixel 3) but connecting to both wife's Pixel 2 and an old iPhone the Command unit has shown no issues or errors in everyday operation. I seem to have fixed the issue connecting to my phone by...
  3. David404

    Mercedes Me App

    Also spotted I got an App update for Mercedes me 2 days ago so fair bet that's the culprit.
  4. David404

    Mercedes Me App

    OK thanks all, seems it's not just me then. For reference I had to log in again via code sent by SMS Google Pixel 3xl - Android 10 security update 05 July 20 App version 1.2.1
  5. David404

    Mercedes Me App

    Hi All Anybody else having issues with Mercedes me app on Android. Mine has forgotten about my current car, not showing up on dashboard at all.
  6. David404

    Need advice about buying a MB

    If your mileage is low I'd go for a petrol over diesel to avoid potential issues with the more complex diesel emissions systems on modern diesels. The 7GTronic gearbox is not generally regarded as unreliable but it does need regular servicing every 60,000Km or 37,000 miles. From 2008 mercedes...
  7. David404

    2012 ML 350

    Use the blade key that's hidden in the top of the key to access the car. I'd not even bother trying, connect a good quality battery charger like a Ctec and charge to 100%. I had my old E320 (W166 - 2009) sat unused for 90 days - didn't even try it, just charged the battery to 100% on my Ctec...
  8. David404

    E55 AMG flat battery

    On my old E320 (W211) I attached the fly leads that come with a Ctec charger directly to the battery in the boot. \connecting then is just a plug in job rather than crocodile clips, a much neater and elegant solution. Never had any problems with interfering with the cars electronics. FWIW I...
  9. David404

    E350 Coupé 2010 red battery light

    I had the red battery light come on on my old E320 (W211 series so no stop/start) but otherwise same engine. Local Indie diagnosed as alternator failure (££ Ouch) which I had replaced. If that is the problem after replacing the alternator I'd recommend charging both batteries to 100% with a...
  10. David404

    GLE350d (W166 - 2016my) - Internet connection/Internet radio

    Vehicle as above, query on internet connection and internet radio, sorry it's a long post. I've tried two phones: * Google Pixel 3 - Android 10 - April 2020 security update * iPhone 5 iOS - 10.3.4 - this being the most recent for the iPhone 5 * Also connected the car to the home internet...
  11. David404

    Lock Down Detailing - Anyone? :)

    Lock down and improving weather, been doing a bit every day and still more to do. Car looking better by the day.:)
  12. David404

    Cheap microfibre cloths.

    Costco. About £15 for pack of 36.
  13. David404

    Best tyre dressing?

    Megs Endurance. Wear gloves Apply with small nail brush.
  14. David404

    Wheel cleaner

    Looking for recommendations for wheel cleaners, the inner wheel well on my GLE are BLACK looks like previous owner never cleaned them. Gave good scrubb with shampoo & nylon brush, shifted perhaps 60 % of the crap. Thinking it's going to need product but something that's not going to strip any...
  15. David404

    Late service

    Stand to be corrected but I thought service interval on those was 15,500 miles or 12 months. The Auto box service is also critical on those and often skipped as its a costly job but 40,000 miles is only just over (3,717 miles) against the official 60,000km (36,283 miles). So that's in its favour.
  16. David404

    You can tell you're a car guy when...

    I'm getting wife to embroider MB logo on the back of my soft shell jacket...
  17. David404

    Service history

    As others have said 8100 miles is exceedingly low. The thing that would worry me would be missed service and oil having exceeded its drain interval, clearly NOT the case here. On the assumption that you are happy with the cars condition, have found no defects and it drives as it should I think...
  18. David404

    E10 to be the new standard petrol?

    Given its budget day... My last tank of diesel cost 119.7p. A little 4th grade maths reveals an effective tax rate of 286%. The diesel itself having a pre tax cost of 41.8p. So NO I don't think more tax can be justified.
  19. David404

    270cdi or 320cdi - advice sought please

    Look on for real tank to tank economy results from real drivers.
  20. David404

    Android Auto on a C Class Coupe 2017

    Same but different... I have a GLE350d 2016 vintage, it's got Apple CarPlay but NO Android Auto, obviously I've got an Android phone! So in an effort to get a feel for what advantages upgrading would bring I borrowed an iPhone 5c - iOS 10.3.3 which is the most recent OS for that phone. Got...
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