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  1. E CLASS

    e36 for £1350.00.....

    Who's car? Whoever it is please pm me. Thanks.
  2. E CLASS

    e36 for £1350.00.....

    Mercedes E36 AMG For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK How much is the service....
  3. E CLASS

    wheeler dealers now - g wagen

    What are they going to do.....
  4. E CLASS

    cat D C63

    If it was so easy why don't they fix it themselves?
  5. E CLASS

    Anyone remember this c43??

    Great ad with lots of info.
  6. E CLASS

    E55 s210

    Anyone know anything about this car. Suggests its been around a while if discussed before....
  7. E CLASS

    Thoughts on this please...e class estate

    Borked is when something is or is likely to wrong. Bork in the case I mentioned further up referred to turbo, injection, dpf etc.
  8. E CLASS

    Thoughts on this please...e class estate

    Thanks for all the responses. I drove an e240 once it was the most gutless engine. Would this be leagues apart? I am avoiding the diesel route as the bork factor simply increases with a higher the mileage I do would not warrant derv. What to do?!
  9. E CLASS

    Thoughts on this please...e class estate

    Real world, what's it like in terms of performance? Running costs? Are facelift afflicted by as much rust?
  10. E CLASS

    Thoughts on this please...e class estate

    Sargents of Sussex : MERCEDES-BENZ E280 V6 AVANTGARDE 7 SEAT AUTO ESTATE yes the usual rust...but what else.thanks everybody.
  11. E CLASS

    E55 going cheap ENDS 19/10/11 @ 21:09 Oh dear here it is again...a grand and now in Newcastle...what went wrong?!
  12. E CLASS

    Costco 20% off Four tyres promo October 2011

    A certain uk wide fast fit chain (blue colours) is running a 25% off all tyres currently...
  13. E CLASS

    Greek bail out & haircut for banks

    Yes beacuse their tax take was so small (the Greeks were not paying their taxes) that the government was running short...
  14. E CLASS

    WOW! Nice work if you can get it. The Trough beckons again

    We likely pay for her ongoing security as well....she's a very wealthy woman in her own right why can't she pay for it? Tony Bliar is much the same security etc.. paid for and he's worth what £25million?
  15. E CLASS

    1995 mercedes c36 amg auto silver

    Beautifully presented....
  16. E CLASS

    w202 - Brabus 5.8ltr...

    Has been for sale since the dawn of time.....will still be for sale in 10 years time....
  17. E CLASS

    Neighbors C63 AMG

    "Service Lawsuits" only in America....sure to be coming to these shores soon. Must be a queue of customers to keep in him in work and rewarded with a C63!
  18. E CLASS

    124s still holding their value. 200K+ on this one.

    £1,042.00 winning bid. My god.
  19. E CLASS

    124s still holding their value. 200K+ on this one.

    Either the car isn't able / cannot move. Apalling photography. My guess its in a yard blocked in by other vehicles (probably also for sale). Sorry but its way overpriced for the presentation of it.
  20. E CLASS

    Totally free CAP car valuations!

    Glad you are all enjoying this - CAP are pretty reliable. Ok so its not Glasses but hey its free!
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