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    1 x AMG 18" Wheel

    Now sold, thanks.
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    1 x AMG 18" Wheel

    1 used AMG wheel taken off a 2006 CLK 320 Sport. Size: 7½ J x 18 H2 ET37 Part No: A171 401 16 02 I bought a new wheel to cure a vibration as I was informed that this wheel was damaged. Replaced the wheel and the same vibration was still present; waste of nearly £500... £25. Collection from...
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    4 x 16" Wheels - CLK, SLK

    4 wheels with all bolts (including locking), taken off a 1999 CLK Sport. Fairly good condition. Make good winter wheels. £40 for all 4. Collection from Runcorn, Cheshire or possibly meet Manchester area. Cheers Andrew
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    Someone keyed my car.

    I had my previous CLK done on my drive a couple of years ago, the full length of the car. Sickening, completely sympathise. I put up a couple of CCTV cameras (already had motion sensitive floodlights). Whether this helped or the scumbag went and played elsewhere anyway I don't know, but...
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    Just bought a CLK 320 CDI - *pics*

    Talking of gearbox modes, I'd have expected Comfort to give better MPG, but I found it worse (only a couple of MPG) than Sport.
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    Fog Light

    Mine's offside (driver's). It's a 2006 (Oct). Cheers
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    Fog Light

    Well, what a coincidence ... I was just about to start a new thread with the exact same issue. Mine's a Sport also (with the AMG kit), and my offside fog light has a smashed lens. Did you get anywhere? I'm hoping you don't have to replace the whole unit. Mine's in for service next week at MB...
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    Buckled Rim - New Tyre?

    Definitely going to replace the wheel, I wouldn't be happy with a repair.
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    Buckled Rim - New Tyre?

    Thanks chaps, that's solidified my thinking. New tyre it is. Hopefully, MB can match the price from Blackcircles (£121 for Pirelli P Zero). Can't wait until it's done, the vibrations are severely annoying!
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    Buckled Rim - New Tyre?

    Evening all I have a buckled NSF rim on my CLK (thanks to a huge pothole). There is no visible damage, but two different tyre fitters have confirmed what the vibrations when driving over 60mph and under, even light, braking are telling me. So, new wheel time. MB have quoted £450 (:eek:)...
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    Mattc's Twin Turbo 104 conversion

    Awesome, Ian. I wouldn't know where to start with something like that. Bravo :)
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    Service for SL55

    I got similar great service at MB Warrington (part of the same Inchcape group). Really went out of their way and I couldn't fault the price (B service for me and not an AMG though).
  13. Taking in some sun :)

    Taking in some sun :)

  14. At the beach

    At the beach

  15. CLK320 CDI Sport

    CLK320 CDI Sport

    Purchased June 2011
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    A few from Oulton Park at the weekend.... (A twofer :))
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Just a few from Donington Lawrence Tomlinson, Ginetta G60:
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    Mercedes Benz Dealer Stole my...

    Anyone remember Fast Lane magazine? Sometime around 1989, they issued a special edition with an audio cassette (Now Hear This! I think it was called). It was a recording of Mark Hales driving around a race circuit (Brands?) in various performance cars, including an F40 and an Audi quattro...
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    Nice, so he's in the Endurance Champs, very competitive! It is a shame it doesn't get more coverage, although the Endurance race is on MotorsTV on 20/04.
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    Not currently, the budget isn't there unfortunately. Are you involved with Britcar?
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