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  1. JumboBeef

    Might not be around as much

    I would just like to say thanks for: a/ a fab forum and b/ fab people in it. I have now sold my W124 (to another forum member) and so I am MB-less. I'm pretty sure that is how it is going to stay, as I was a Landy man for many years before buying the W124, and I currently own two Landys now...
  2. JumboBeef

    W124 1994 E220 Estate auto for sale

    Sold, and gone to a new home!
  3. JumboBeef

    Tips for places to drive/see in Devon

    When in South Devon, you must visit: Burgh Island - The Great Escape Go for lunch, or even just a walk around (but check the tide times). There is a pub on the Island too:
  4. JumboBeef

    Life Hammer group buy.

    It's here! Brill! Thanks! :D
  5. JumboBeef

    So how did you choose yours? (username that is!)

    What an ex-girlfriend called me ;)
  6. JumboBeef

    W124 1994 E220 Estate auto for sale

    Provisionally sold!
  7. JumboBeef

    Matching members to faces.....

    Oh well, here goes: Me (and a bird)
  8. JumboBeef

    Life Hammer group buy.

    £7 sent (via PayPal).
  9. JumboBeef

    Life Hammer group buy.

    Can I have one please?
  10. JumboBeef

    What a waste

    Words fail me: Now, where did you say you left the car? The £28m backlog of perfectly driveable vehicles waiting to be SCRAPPED | Mail Online I spot at least three MBs in there.....
  11. JumboBeef

    When you encounter a lane hogger, what do *you* do?

    This: YouTube - Pit maneuver dash cam video from Salt Lake :D
  12. JumboBeef

    Life Hammer group buy.

    £12.34 each? Lifehammer from Halfords Price £11.99 Halfurds sell them for £11.99. Couldn't we get a better price as a group?
  13. JumboBeef

    Read this it may save your life as it did SWMBO's

    Sorry to hear what happened and I hope she makes a speedy recovery. I have these hammers in both of our vehicles. Have you read these? Ford Explorer Rollover Rate, Tire Failure, Tire Problem, Ford Explorer Rolls Recall, Explorer Stability Design Problem NHTSA Believes, Tires Defect and...
  14. JumboBeef

    W124 1994 E220 Estate auto for sale

    This will be going on eBay next week, if not sold before. I need the space asap, so open to offers. 07778 664570.
  15. JumboBeef

    Bored with my TomTom: I need a new toy!

    I have a TomTom 720. I bought it nearly three years ago. It's good, and does what it says on the box. However, I feel I need a new toy......:cool: What can I buy which: 1/ gives me Sat Nat 2/ OS maps 3/ Suitable for walking 4/ Bluetooth for the mobile Budget? Dunno, but maybe...
  16. JumboBeef

    A broken white line...

    Yes, OK, there is an necessary in there. However, I read it to mean you can cross the line if necessary to overtake a stationary vehicle (ie: don't cross the line if you can overtake without crossing the line). So, same thing: you can, to the word of the Highway Code, overtake a row of cars...
  17. JumboBeef

    A broken white line...

    From your link: There is nothing there (or in the Highway Code) which states 'if necessary' with respect to overtaking.
  18. JumboBeef

    A broken white line...

    Zig zags: Think about a pedestrian crossing on a dual carriageway with two (or more) lanes in each direction. Where did I say 'when illegal for other vehicles'? :confused: I mentioned bikes because bikes do this often, but cars can, according to the Highway Code, do it too. You come up to a...
  19. JumboBeef

    W124 1994 E220 Estate auto for sale

    No one? This is a bargain at £699! I will get more photos today, and it will be going on eBay very soon. I need to sell this, I need the space!
  20. JumboBeef

    A broken white line...

    Zig zags: Pedestrian crossings (191-199) : Directgov - Travel and transport you can overtake all but the leading car. White lines: Lines and lane markings on the road (127-132) : Directgov - Travel and transport a biker can cross a solid white line to overtake all vehicles...
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