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    E55 AMG V8 5.5 Supercharged (600bhp) LPG converted gives 56+mpg Very Rare and Mint Car - 2 Owners

    For sale is the flagship and top of the range Mercedes AMG E55, this has the same AMG hand built engine as found on the Mercedes SLR, SL55 etc, this car is very rare and becoming rarer by the month and in excellent condition. This car has everything luxury, power and performance with the added...
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    Exhaust fitted by RJ Tuning

    Is the c63 backboxes a straight fit into the e55 or is any modification required?
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    Unlucky BMW driver

    only in america
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    Silver Arrow SL500

    nice...will be a collectors car one day.
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    SLK illuminated sills

    i need to find this for my e-class
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    shopping = Dent :(

    i hate supermarket car parks. Tescos always seem to be the worst
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    300E Turbo LPG Project

    what kind of mpg are you getting with LPG?
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    Yorks/N Midlands/Lincs/Lancs Curry Night?

    sounds good.
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    SL500 - How good is it and what kind if cars would you compare it to?

    i thought 2003 models onwards are rust free
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    specialst in leicester

    any good specialist in leicester/leicestershire area?
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    multiple coats of polish

    i might try this
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    Removing the shine from steering wheel

    use the eco dash clear. It does the job for me. mine is now a matt finish
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    What wax for silver cars?

    auto glym super resin does the job for me
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    Megs Ultimate wash n wax

    i use this and it is a good product
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    W210 E320 Audio 10 - No CD problem

    i had that problem on mine and then it just started working.
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    Ridiculously Excessive tyre wear- Rear tyres

    look up hunter 4 wheel laser alignment.
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    C32 AMG front discs and pads price

    local garage looks tempting as fitting is not rocket science.
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    Windscreen Washers

    use a pin?
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    Snow Socks or Snow Chains ?

    besides your limited to 20mph with chains not to mention potential damage to alloys etc
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    Snow Socks or Snow Chains ?

    snow socks any day
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