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  1. Eddy77


    1. BrabusK8 Clifton 2. Alps 3. MissyD 4. AMGeed 5. Bobby Dazzler 6. DaveEnty (Hotel already booked ) 7. 8. NJSS. happy to help out 9. Wearsthefoxhat 10. Fabes 11. 23 Romeo Tango (Hotel already booked) 12. S J Maxwell (Hotel already booked) Will help on the day if required 13. SL03WLY 14...
  2. Eddy77

    Do we still have engine snobbery?

    My daily driver is a 520i MHEV which is a standard BMW 2.0 petrol with a twin turbo plus electric assist. That means you get an extra 15hp from electric and instant launch from roundabouts etc. It’s the ‘base’ engine and I was somewhat worried before trying one that it would be a bit crap...
  3. Eddy77

    New family car - what to try next?

    G30 generation BMW 540i from 2016 onwards would be a good shout.
  4. Eddy77

    Guidance restoring a R129

    Bromley Garage Services in Winnersh near Reading are a great body shop. Have used them multiple times as have colleagues at work and always a great job.
  5. Eddy77

    Stepping up from a 2008 SLK 280 Auto to a 2004 SL 350 Auto.

    I’ve had a similar thought process a few times. I’ve had my 2008 CLK 350 for eight years now. Bought when my children were smaller and we could use it for family days out as a second car. My eldest son will be 16 this year and the youngest is growing fast. We never use the Mercedes for...
  6. Eddy77

    Condition of used vehicle bought from mercedes

    As above. It’s bought now. Get it repaired yourself and accept the bill. You’re on a hiding to nothing with the dealer. You can get a lot of this stuff repaired for a surprisingly reasonable cost if you go down the smart repair route. It’s a shame that dealers are not honourable in all...
  7. Eddy77

    CLK350 2009 buyers guide

    Comfort is a very personal thing. I’m 6ft 1 and find the seats unsupportive. But my wife loves the seats so we’re all different. I also can’t abide rattles and squeaks so my tolerance of the roof twitching is probably not great! I love the car but if you’ve been driving something more...
  8. Eddy77

    CLK350 2009 buyers guide

    I have a 2008 CLK350 convertible. It’s my summer / weekend car as my daily is a 5 series. In all honesty I wouldn’t consider one as a daily driver. They’re not massively comfortable and there is a fair amount of scuttle shake which makes itself known with the roof up. The roof twitches...
  9. Eddy77

    CLK road tax

    Lord above. My clk is now £675 a year to tax. It’s always been pricey but this is the first year where I’ve really thought “how high is this going to go?”. It’s not enough to make me think about selling as the car has so much emotional value and set against depreciation on anything newer...
  10. Eddy77

    Benz On The Green 2023 on the 13th of May

    Well amazingly the one sunny day appears to be this Saturday! Looking forward to seeing everyone and all the cars.
  11. Eddy77

    Insurance for France Holiday

    Thanks all! Turns out I do have comprehensive cover as standard. Glad I checked! I’m aware of the traffic situation. Been there many times over the summer so know what I’m in for. We’re staying inland for this reason and when we do want to venture to the coast we will leave early doors and...
  12. Eddy77

    Insurance for France Holiday

    Hi there, Just booked a holiday in southern France for august. Driving down. I note my insurance no longer covers European travel as standard. I will need to add it on I guess. Question, have we gone back to green card etc and is there anything else insurance wise to be aware of. I’ve...
  13. Eddy77

    I didn’t buy an e class….

    Yes, very much, but the mpg and extra cost didn’t make sense for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the 2.0 turbo in the 520. It has enough for my needs which are mainly urban commuting three times a week and longer motorway trips. I don’t have much opportunity to utilise anything quicker. My...
  14. Eddy77

    I didn’t buy an e class….

    Thanks, yes it looks so good in that colour combo. 90% plus of the ones for sale and black on black or grey on black and I find them so dull. This one came up and when I saw it there was no other option. Plus it matches my CLK colour scheme which is a nice tie in!!
  15. Eddy77

    I didn’t buy an e class….

    Hi all, been a while since I posted here. Been mad busy. Anyway, my Audi A6 Avant will soon depart the stable to be replaced with…….not an E class……which I had originally envisaged…….but instead a 2021 BMW 520i M Sport. Really considered the options carefully and found the BMW to be better...
  16. Eddy77

    Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

    I have them fitted in both my cars (Audi A6 and CLK350). Neither had the performance of your AMG but I can confirm they are the best tyres I’ve ever had in terms of grip and feel.
  17. Eddy77

    Benz On The Green 2023 on the 13th of May

    01. Khairie CL63 02. Boon C63 03. Alps E63s 04. st13phil SLK55 05. Cliff Brabus SL 06. B15HDA C63 07. Charlie C63 08. ADT C63 09. Vijilants 10. Wearsthefoxhat. E55 11. MissyD 12. DaveEnty 13. Skd884 14. S J Maxwell SL63 15. Bobby Dazzler Renault 16. badgx E63 17. AMGeed 18. S500colin 19. gurpz...
  18. Eddy77

    Poss PCP newbie..

    All the above is sound advice. If you want to discuss offline send me a message as I’ve worked in vehicle leasing and car finance for 22 years! I should be able to answer any question you have, although can’t offer any advice as such.
  19. Eddy77

    How long do (used) cars stay on sale?

    I was in local BMW dealer this weekend. They aim for four weeks max as I asked the very same question around their used car stock.
  20. Eddy77

    Are interest rates about to pound PCP's to a pulp ?

    Lease / hp / pcp rates are inextricably linked to interest rates. So monthlies will continue to go up. Which makes financing a car more expensive. At a time when all other costs are rising. Expect to see less brand new prestige cars adorning the drives of ordinary folk. And more older...
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