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  1. J

    CLK owners register

    Need to remove no 80...its gone to a new home :-( Look on the bright side though..hope to fill the CLK void with a new (well different) one soon...
  2. J

    CLK owners register

    ahem! Sorry to mess up your CLK Magna Carta, but no 80 needs to go... :-(
  3. J

    Good Indie in East Mids / MK area?

    Have used these guys in notingham Mercedes-Benz Servicing in Nottingham | Independent MB Nottingham | MB Nottingham and after I moved a bit further south, these guys in Solihull Used Car Sales Solihull, Prospect Solihull, Solihull Car Dealership, Quality Used Hatchbacks, Saloons, Estates...
  4. J

    Car security

    Not a serious comment or suggestion, but after having a second car stolen I toyed with the idea of fitting it (got the car back) with a set of air horns inside the car wired up to the ignition. Switch hidden somewhere inside the car and a relay wired such that once on the only way to switch it...
  5. J

    Spare Key

    Sounds about right...Think yourself lucky you don't have a Mazda. Lost spare key for Mazda, main dealer wanted something like $400 for a new one...commented to wife 'think yourself lucky you don't have a Mercedes' which we do and having just bought a replacement key for the princely sum of $280...
  6. J

    CLK owners register

    silver 1999 CLK320 cab
  7. J

    Turning off AC during the winter

    That would be mrs jonm as well :)
  8. J

    Leasing V Outright purchase

    Ive leased a couple and would gladly do so again. For me, it boils down to maths and often works out as long as you are not that bothered about the specific model, colour or toys. Oh, and as long as the 'but its not really mine' bit doesnt bother you that much. I've never been able to make...
  9. J

    Yet ANOTHER watch question

    I've had one of these for >10 yrs, they do two sizes. The smaller one , which I have is more subtle and less chunky. I love it, used it as an every day watch and never had a problem and 'very tough as old boot'. Over the time I have had it itrs workd out cheaper than the 50-100 quid I used to...
  10. J

    Decicions, decisions!

    Easy...see my simple to use Mercedes-benz-o-rekoner 1) go for no 1..get the cls 2) if unsure, see no 1 above ;-)
  11. J

    steering damper

    Anyone with an old 208 should consider getting their steering damper checked at next service. Just had mine replaced, crikey what a more shakes and shimmies...does now feel a little 'disconnected' though.
  12. J

    Is this cheap?

    Im not one for willingly wasting money, but, why spend '000s on a car and look to save '0s on the oil 'protecting' it (similar argument for brakes, tyres, etc). Not saying this is what the op is trying to do, but it is something that has always befuddled that if it cant be shown...
  13. J

    99 208 clk rear headrests

    Sorted, replaced relay and refilled hdraulic fluid and all is well...back to hot topless action!
  14. J

    MPs to debate death penalty?

    I've said no for 2 reasons: 1) Regardless of what I/we may think about the 'guilty', miscarriages of justice and executing 1 person who is, proven or otherwise, innocent is inexcusable. Some degree of recompense for locking up the wrong person is possible, its a bit tricky if they have been...
  15. J

    Holiday help

    Couple of suggestions...I've done some great 'activity' holidays its my idea of relaxation...if you like acitvities heres a couple: Do you dive (scuba!) how about a weeks dive course in spain on the med diving and then some R&R with the gang in the eve. OR a weeks hang...
  16. J

    99 208 clk rear headrests

    Hi all... Have been messing around trying to sort the roof out...but that's another story. Anyway, headrests are now fully up and won't lower. I've read around and tried holding the raise switch for 20 secs plus, but doesn't make any difference. On one post I saw that there is a way to...
  17. J

    clk convertible roof problem

    Agh, it's a lot more serious........ Driving along I thought ....'I wonder if the qheadrests in the back have anything to do with it' so i raised them using the switch thou...'hmm that's a funny Grau Ching noise' . Now they won't go back down and when I look around the back of the roof see that...
  18. J

    clk convertible roof problem

    Ah well, I knew it would happen eventually. 99 clk roof sometimes refuses to shut, red lamp flashes seemingly indicating boot is open or luggage cover is not in place...but both are ok. Anyway, if I spend enough time messing around with things open/close this or that it eventually wakes up. So I...
  19. J

    So who sat on the Evoque...??

    Fair enough...but it's exactly the same out the back of my clk..can't see a thing...have to use the force when changing lanes or parking. If the problem can be solved with a camera..then it's solved. Job done.
  20. J

    Unhappy experience

    Glad he's on the mend..having myself had cracked ribs, broken collar bone and dislocated shoulder all at different times, I cannot imagine what they would be like at the same time, it would be agony. Whilst the way/method in which it is achieved is questionable, this is an example of where...
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