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    Advice on this C63?

    Just to give an update, I didn't end up going for this C63, something just didn't feel right. Anyways, thought I'd try an M3 and instantly fell in love with it, probably in the minority but I actually much preferred it to the C63, the seats to me felt better and everything just nicely wraps you...
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    SLK R171 Front Bumper

    Hello all, need a front bumper for a 2004 SL350 sport, bumper needs to have holes for parking sensor and the Xenon washer. Colour not important as I'll be getting it resprayed. Thanks.
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    Advice on this C63?

    Bang on the money! actually 2 owners....
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    Advice on this C63?

    I've been looking at a few and the side bolster does seem to wear very quickly on these cars. Like you say, they take a beating as people get in and out.
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    Advice on this C63?

    Hello all, looking at a possible change to a C63 and came across this car? Any thoughts, advice? Mercedes-Benz C Class 6.3 C63 AMG 7G-Tronic 4dr thanks in advance
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    Mercedes W210 E60 AMG. Rust Free!

    Wheels definitely do not look original, wouldn't the whole point of a car like this to be as close to original spec as possible?
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    Advice on this C63 Estate?

    Thanks to everyone who contributed. I'll just wait and see if my preferred spec, PPP Estate, pops up soon. Unfortunately I am not very patient...
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    Advice on this C63 Estate?

    Engine was replaced at a mercedes dealer. Guess I was swayed by the price, it's 3.5k cheaper than the next C63 estate.
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    Advice on this C63 Estate?

    Makes sense, but if it had been thrashed, I'd have expected MB would have done everything to get out of changing the engine, knowing how how most manufacturers don't like doing this kind of thing, I'd assume that MB had done a thorough investigation to see if it was an engine fault or if it was...
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    Advice on this C63 Estate?

    Hello all, just saw the car below, any thoughts? It has had the engine replaced by MB under warranty, I guess the body has still done 39k, but it's a new engine. Spec seems decent,. C63 Estate with new engine Regards
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    C class (W204) Luggage capacity

    Hello all, it's time to change my E class, I'm looking to move to a C63. One of the many great things about the E class was the size of the boot! I'd like to hear from anyone that has had a saloon or estate or even both as to how much luggage(big suitcases) you can get into each? Looking at...
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    Thanks for the advice and info everyone! A quick update. Ruled out the boxster, the car is primarily for the Mrs and the boxster would be a little too compromised in the comfort department, and the running costs were a bit scary by all accounts... Saw three SLK's in the end, a loaded SLK350...
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    I'm 6 foot and I found the SLK fine, certainly more comfortable than the lowered MX5 we have now!
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    Apparently the 550 anniversary came with the lowered suspension and 18 inch wheels. So the ride is likely to be on the "firm" side!
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    Looking to buy an Slk350 Hello all, looking to get a convertible and like the look of this car: Used Mercedes-benz Slk Convertible 350 2dr Tip Auto [sports Pack] in Bracknell, Berkshire | Vixen Prestige tried to call MB to check the spec and history, but they refused. Can a kind sole...
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    Which is more fun - SL or SLK?

    It's nice to have a car that you actually need to work the engine, lot's of torque get's kind of boring after a while, nothing better than driving B roads and working the gear box to carry the most speed and have the engine singing. Round the twisties an MX5 is a joy to drive. As has been...
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    No Service Book?

    When buying a MB it always pays to phone MB customer services and ask when and where the car was serviced, this in a way is more valuable than a service book. It shouldn't be difficult to get a service book for a 3 year old car, let the dealer sort it out for you.
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    Just viewed R129 SL500, need advice please.

    Agreed, air con makes a big difference when demisting windows in winter and on hot days when you get some rain. Also, if you get stuck in traffic on a hot day then you can put the roof up and stay cool. If it's going to be more than a weekend toy then air con is a must. Salesmen are the worst...
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    r230 sl buying advice plz

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