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    2001 Bmw 330d - Help!

    Drain tank Refill with diesel Start engine Kneel Pray.
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    Mercedes dealers need advice

    When I worked at a VW dealer, I could never understand why the cars were never inspected prior to selling. This way they could be priced accordingly so the sales would not get any nasty surprises once sold. They seem to get away with selling cars that perhaps need work doing to them and some...
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    Mercedes dealers need advice

    and surely they will fit new pads with the discs?
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    The perils of driving old Mercs!

    not a tip on cheap fix but mind which driveshaft you buy for the estate as they are different to the saloon iirc.
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    Saving music from Youtube

    ..............I'm Sparticus.
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    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    Because all the registration numbers are retained on file for so long. So, any car that passed along 'x' road after whatever time could be traced and the driver / owner spoken to. Process of elimination. On the other side of things, let's say somebody accused you of something and you claimed...
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    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    That's like saying you want ANPR to be there when you are not doing anything wrong, but on the odd occasion when whatever you do might one day turn out to be a bit sticky, then please switch it off. I personally don't care if my car is seen driving along the M1 and the next day on the A1, so...
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    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    .............except when you scan your Tesco's clubcard!!!
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    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    Guilty conscience?
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    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    So what if your car was stolen? Would you tell the Police you wanted it back on the condition ANPR was not to be used?
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    .....another Nokia 6310i problem.

    Thanks Diesel Benz, you really are an asset to this forum.
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    ANPR - how much is checked ?

    Mass surveillance? Big Brother? Snooping on the innocent? Look at it another way; For example, worst case scenario. Your wife is murdered, only information to go on is a VRM. Area search for vehicle, no joy. Weeks of enquiries, no joy. Two months later, ANPR picks up VRM of vehicle in a...
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    .....another Nokia 6310i problem.

    Dear Diesel Benz, did you manage to find the connection diagram for the cradle please? Cheers.
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    Sadly you cannot leave bad feedback anymore as a seller! Just leave it otherwise the buyer might leave you poor feedback which you really don't need. Next time you list you can block buyers who do not have a paypal account, whilst this is no guarantee you will get your money it eliminates a...
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    Interior cleaner

    Hi oorjim, I got some washing powder (in the cupboard next to the washing machine) and put into hot water, pull out as much as you can of the belt and put into bucket of potion. I used a nail brush to scrub the belts with and then rinse in clean water. Came up like new. Hope this helps...
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    How much are these worth?

    Hey Slav, they are I would say worth probably what you are willing to pay, (320) if indeed the tyres are all good. However, they are worth a lot less if they won't fit your car. Worth checking out what offset they are etc. See that the offset is suitable for your car by checking the chart...
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    Howards CLK 320 208 gearbox issues

    Phillies Sweet my man, only the best for us S Class drivers.....Rardi Rar!!
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    Howards CLK 320 208 gearbox issues now will you send me the Cigar ?:bannana:
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    Howards CLK 320 208 gearbox issues

    Injun mounts?
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    whining like noise on clk with 7G tronic

    That's different !! Not the gearbox then. But still change it, prevention.............etc!
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