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    2010 E250 service cost

    Could try this site for main dealer costs: Local indi: Home - M&S Prestige & Specialist Ltd
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    What are the best tyres

    Try here for a quote: UK Tyres Online | Cheap Tyres | Winter Tyres & Car Servicing I had a quote for tyres from my local dealer and they were cheaper than Blackcircles, though only a few pounds but was surprised by this
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    Blue Efficiency injector recall?

    Had a service last week and dealer has listed a service improvement to replace injectors, wiring harness and flash ECU. Now I have never had any issues with the injectors on a 2011 E class so can only assume all models, when in for service, will be undergoing this service improvement. Delayed...
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    My trip to John R Weir Grangemouth

    After every service I have had, whether at dealer or indie, the mpg is always ridiculously low. I just assumed this was something to do with resetting the service indicator, or possibly left idling in the workshop for some considerable time.
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    paisley garages??

    Could this be it: Mercedes Car Specialists
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    Alloy wheel refurbisher in North east.

    Could try these guys: Newcastle alloy wheels Never used them myself - has anyone else???
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    I just thought I'd say...

    Stay in North East outside Newcastle I wish to eradicate a steering wheel wobble that has plagued my car. Last year new coil springs made a difference but wobble has returned. Each time a wheel is removed/changed/swopped the symptoms recur. I have replaced tyres alloys brakes discs and it made...
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    I just thought I'd say...

    I would be interested to know the reason for the new shock absorbers and at what mileage replacement was necessary. May have a similar issue.... TIA
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    European Breakdown cover

    Another one worthy of consideration:
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    European Breakdown cover

    This link should help: The membership in ADAC Your contract will be in German and you need to phone them to join, but this should be weighted up against the benefits.
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    camshaft rattle

    Would someone be good enough to tell me where the cam shaft magnet is located and the position of the wiring to unplug - I have a similar rattle
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    W203 Headlight removal....

    This should help: YouTube - waltrmitty's Channel Useful site plenty more items on a W203 that could be useful
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    Washing Recommendations

    A lambs wool mitt is much kinder to paintwork that a sponge or brush Supersoft Lambswool Polishing Mitt @ Performance Motorcare Products Ltd Can recommend the company for car cleaning kit also, very prompt efficient service.
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    FREE SatNav for Nokia phones -forever!

    Gave the sat nav on the E71 a blast today and it worked well. No problem locking onto satellites although the global positioning was slightly out, resulting in some of the voice commands being given a little bit late. Overall though I think it was well worth the time and effort to download and...
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    Why are mobile phones so technical these days?!?!

    Try the Nokia E71 which has a full qwerty keyboard, making texting easy, and voice recognition of your contacts, simply saying the name and the call is made. Works for me. Just installed free sat nav this afternoon as well.
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    FREE SatNav for Nokia phones -forever!

    I am the same as amwebby in that I have a licence till April for the Nokia E71. I hope it was free anyway I might be in for a shock! Seems to function reasonably well but does tend to choose some strange routes. It should recalculate as you go along but have yet to give this a road test...
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    Cost to replace Suspension Springs at MB ?

    Had both front springs replaced by indi for £200, parts were £55 each
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    W203 Wheel nuts

    Simply remove them, clean with steel wool, apply a coat of Hammerite silver paint and refit.
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    Glass for fog lamp w209

    follow this link for the part: LENS - - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape could always fill in this request to ensure you get the right part Request a Part - Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape I had the lens on its own replaced and it was £8 for the part so it can be done HTH
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    Door Seal Question

    Sounds easy but I guess a bit of trial and error is involved to get it just right.......... and an extra pair of hands!!!! Thanks will give it a go:thumb:
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