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  1. Gbrowncls55

    Good to be Back in an AMG

    So nice to see it in tenorite rather than black or silver. Looks stunning.
  2. Gbrowncls55


    It would be unusual and maybe even dangerous to put such different size tyres on the same width rims, so yes I would expect your wheels are wider on the rears as is often the case these days. Is it an AMG line?
  3. Gbrowncls55

    V Power Petrol Prices

    Tesco Momentum. Used it forever with no issues and currently a huge price difference to v power. At least in my area.
  4. Gbrowncls55

    E63 AMG W212 engine chirp (not pulleys)

    A faulty fuel pressure sensor might lead to the above?
  5. Gbrowncls55

    w218 car alarm keeps going off for no aparent reason.

    As above. Is there a way to temporarily dissable the alarm or of locking the car without setting the alarm while I get it investigated?
  6. Gbrowncls55

    OEM rear airspring supplier w218

    Does anybody know who is the OEM supplier of rear airsprings is for a w218. I doubt mb make them. I see Bilstein offer them so maybe...... Would I be better off with Bilstein or Arnott given mb do not have any.
  7. Gbrowncls55

    E63 M157 v E63 M157s

    Interestingly my 2012 m278 4.7 tt has the new type stronger chain fitted. I have not had the car from new so it could have been updated at sometime.
  8. Gbrowncls55

    300e 24v

    Crankshaft poitioning sensor.
  9. Gbrowncls55

    E63 M157 v E63 M157s

    What would I be looking for in the filler cap to check which timing cain is fitted?
  10. Gbrowncls55

    No w218/212 rear airsprings/bellows in uk and on back order in Germany with no ETA

    As above I have been informed that w212/218 rear airmatic airsprings/bellows are currently unavailable and on back order in Germany with no ETA. This car is my daily driver so I will have to consider an alternative. Arnott airsprings seem to be available. Anyone had any good or bad experiences...
  11. Gbrowncls55

    Normal Running Tyre Pressures

    I certainly wouldnt call them low pressures. Anyway as said above just stick to what it says in the fuel cap for your wheel size. Why wouldnt you?
  12. Gbrowncls55

    w218 airmatic sinking overnight

    I had to use Aerosus front unit on my w219 cls55k as there were no MB units in the UK or Germany with no ETA for stock from supplier. Sold it immedeiately after so cant tell how it performed ...was fine for 6 days!
  13. Gbrowncls55

    Buckled Wheel - will it pass MOT?

    Not unless its split or you ran with it flat. Could be a hairline crack in the wheel or a poor fit with the bead after the damage
  14. Gbrowncls55

    Taller tyres for 20" wheels on W213?

    The speedo would also be incorrect. Under reading
  15. Gbrowncls55

    Buckled Wheel - will it pass MOT?

    what car/ wheel/ size is it. you never know someone on here may have one. Oh and roughly where are you?
  16. Gbrowncls55

    Buckled Wheel - will it pass MOT?

    I would dpobt it but a good tyre or alloy wheel refurb place may be able to straighten for you reasonably easily
  17. Gbrowncls55

    w218 airmatic sinking overnight

    The airmatic on my w218 cls sinks very low over night. particularly drivers side rear but the whole car goes down. In the morning when I start it it says "car rising please wait" and rises up in about 15 seconds and is then fine for the rest of the day. I think a visit to the nice MB man with...
  18. Gbrowncls55

    Fear Of KerningYour Newly Refurbished Alloys

    I try quite hard to be careful and keep 6 inches from any curb.....but it always goes pear shaped eventually.
  19. Gbrowncls55

    cl65 2010

    virtually all the parts.
  20. Gbrowncls55

    cl65 2010

    So nice in the facelift. But Im too old to sleep at night with that mileage
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