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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    After thinking about this, it is not worth my time posting on this forum. The flak is not welcome. Many members know each other and back each other up, when it comes to discussions like this. I would like to thank all members for their positive inputs in the past, their knowledge and solutions...
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    What can I say, I gave my apologies, people are still going on the attack. Spike's comment and pic was an insult, but he is known for that and as for his mechanical knowledge and advice, maybe one of the reasons why I started the original thread. Dangerous unqualified builder from hell ? I...
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    Why should I. For you ? I will take that as an insult. So maybe I should tell you what to do with your spike ?
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    HE is The Stig!

    Who is ******* when he is at home. Never heard of him.
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    I have given every reply a "Thanks" to date. Do I get forgiveness ? I learned years ago, that it is always easier to ask for forgiveness, rather than permision. Forgiveness will allways come eventually. Permision will never be granted !!!!
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    Should MB Dealer Keep My Injectors?

    With these prices, is a diesel more expensive to maintain than a petrol ?
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    Fifth Gear tonight-Merc on veg oil

    Is there a reduction in the life of the injector pump due to possible lack in diesel oil lubrication ?
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    Concrete set in a mixer - Removal ?

    To the end of last year, I built a garage base. On the final mix of concrete, I got a phone call to attend an emergency, (death in the family) and forgot / did not care. 3 days later, the mix in the drum had set firm. Half a drum full. Other than spending days chiseling it out, are there any...
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    My original post was not meant to upset anyone, or cause any friction. I was just interested in other members backgrounds and thought others may be also. Could have been helpfull for advice from qualified mechs ? It just shows you how a question can upset many members, and some go on the...
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    Window wind deflectors

    Anyone think that these window deflectors are any good ? Item number: 200231528677
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    I would also not go anywhere near modern electronics on any car. As previously mentioned, nobody stands a chance in this area.
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    I agree with you on all that, and I reckon the day will come when we are not allowed to repair our own cars, same as they did with the gas (corgi) etc. It is only a matter of time.
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    I knew that; If the post is heading away from the original queerie, you can delete it. It was not intended to cause any anomosity.
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    Not at all. Why would you of all people think that ?
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    Served my time on airport fire trucks. 15 years then I went back to uni and done aircraft stuff, so moved on a bit since then. But the basics are still there, I hope ?. Currenty work on front line fighters, but cannot go beyond that job description , as I signed the doc." "When i ran a...
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    Did you vote also ? sometimes get annoyed and have a laugh at reading some posts from the equivelant to "builders from hell" and yes, please take the post as light hearted !
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    Qualified Mechanic, City& Guilds 3 above.

    Qualified Mechanics How many members on this forum are 4 year apprenticeship served fully qualified mechanics, MB or other to City & Guilds Level 3 and above ? It would be very intersesting to know. I am surprised that the moderators do not have a register, EXPERT members, proved via a...
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    W202 c240 1998 Oil Leak near filter

    Simple gasket paper seals like these can be made by an indie (time served) with a trick of the trade) tapping a gasket ! Time served will know what I am talking about ??
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    Help - Rain sensor for wiper ?

    I have a similar prob on my 2001 C240. Where is the sensor on mine and how do I fix ?
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    Wife's Corsa

    Without wanting to join any Corsa forum, wife reveresd into a bollard in Tesco. Smashed rear fog light situated in rear plastic bumper. Does the bumper need to be removed to replace the light unit ? Anyone know ?
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