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  1. Buggerlugs

    ML270cdi gearbox repair advice

    I'd say there's a fair chance. Keep me pinkies crossed fer yer.
  2. Buggerlugs

    ML270cdi gearbox repair advice

    Ignore this, it's gobbledygook......:crazy: (PS. Oil cooler control IS done by the valve body)
  3. Buggerlugs

    ML270cdi gearbox repair advice

    well, I'm sorta glad for you.......At least you know not to bother hooking up the van at the moment. My gut feeling is that the gearbox valve body assy. is faulty or it could be as simple as low fluid level. Low fluid is easily sorted, but the valve body is an expensive item, so if it does...
  4. Buggerlugs

    ML270cdi gearbox repair advice

    You could chase this around for weeks and not get the answer I suspect you wanna hear. Hook up the caravan and go give it some beans.........If the fix is good you'll come back with a smile and have no hesitation hooking up and blasting off into the sunset again, if on the other hand it's...
  5. Buggerlugs

    ML270cdi gearbox repair advice

    I think the point you should now be trying to establish is simply this....... After a £1500 rebuild does the gearbox now have a 12 month parts AND labour warranty? It should.
  6. Buggerlugs

    Gearbox failure on c240

    Well, it's what I do. without exaggeration I must've fixed 4-500 772.6's by now :eek: (Not all for that particular fault though)
  7. Buggerlugs

    Gearbox failure on c240

    For Grahamcol...... The "early" 722.6 up to about 99/2000 suffered from this kind of failure as one of the Torrington bearings located on the rear gearset is located in a shallow recess in the aluminium planet carrier and other than the recess itself there was no other means of holding the...
  8. Buggerlugs

    Gearbox failure on c240

    Hi Kiki and welcome, I suppose it depends on the overall condition of the rest of the car as to whether you have it fixed. Like already stated you should expect to pay about £1500 for a good job, but if you're prepared to take a punt you can probably get it cheaper, all I would say is try to...
  9. Buggerlugs

    C32 woes

    I presume this was done to simply prove the TCC fault and that it's not a permanent fix?
  10. Buggerlugs

    Will a slk 230k gearbox fit a clk 230k?

    Ok Lee, so here's the gospel according to WIS: The following models use the 722.605, so should be a straight transplant of the gearbox, but you'll need to stick with the original torque converter: SLK 230 K (170.447) SL 320 (129.063) E 320 (210.055) E 290 TD (210.017, 210.617...
  11. Buggerlugs

    320 cdi g/box glitch?

    Hey RFdesigner/Derek, Did you ever get around to pursuing that TCC scheduling/customisation project?
  12. Buggerlugs

    Battery Draining and Gearbox woes

    Can pick up clones for between £350 - £500, then you need a laptop with a hardware serial port and the DAS software, so altogether expect to shell up to about £800 to get a functioning Star system. (I have one anall...)
  13. Buggerlugs

    Will a slk 230k gearbox fit a clk 230k?

    On the gearbox, just above the oil pan rail, nearside, is a number etched into the gearbox casing, it'll start with the numbers 722.6xx, complete the number for me ie fill in the x's and I'll try and get you a cross ref. Or.....get someone to enter your vin into Merc EPC, that should also...
  14. Buggerlugs

    W210 e320 CDi auto box 5th gear slippage

    AFAIK most (if not all) 210's don't lock up at all, it's not programmed to do so in the software. I've worked on tons of these and the only ones I've had actually lock up was when they had a fault with the valve body causing an uncommanded lock up. I was told, so don't take this as gospel...
  15. Buggerlugs

    Auto Gearbox Fault

    Definitely get the codes, you're blind without them.
  16. Buggerlugs

    1999,3226cc,6cyl cdi auto

    Google speedi sleeve, this is what I've used in the past to reclaim worn crank and shaft bosses. HTH.
  17. Buggerlugs

    Professional help needed(Gearbox problem)

    No, it does'nt..........First port of call is get the trouble codes. This will give you a starting point, either that or you go back over everything again :crazy:
  18. Buggerlugs

    e class auto box 320

    Hi BJ, Sounds like the gearbox is having a hydraulic control issue. Could be something as simple as low gearbox fluid level, so that should be checked first. If that's ok, you're gonna need a good tech or specialist to do the diagnosis, there is'nt anything else you can check yourself.
  19. Buggerlugs

    Gearbox query

    The fact you had to recycle the ignition suggests the TCM had gone into limp mode. First stop is a plug in and get the trouble code(s)read out.
  20. Buggerlugs

    D or N at traffic lights - another view

    It's fine to leave it in D for short periods, by that I mean, say, up to about 10 minutes, if you're gonna be stood for longer I'd recommend N. WRT gearbox longetivity, the reason for selecting N is that when in D at a standstill is that ALL the engine power is being converted onto heat in the...
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