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  1. MrGreedy

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I must just say, this forum is great and this thread is also fantastic. On the whole, everyone is very good-natured and understanding without taking offence when people offer differing view points. Most importantly for me, it has been an enormous source of useful information and opinion, which...
  2. MrGreedy

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Firstly I think this is done and dusted and we should move on having had the vote. Labour rejoining the EU (without a referendum?) would be much worse than what we had as we will be seen to be begging to be let in. I think it should be left as it is and move forward with unity making the best of...
  3. MrGreedy

    Interior Trim Removal

    Looks great Slarti! I thought about doing my E as I'm not a fan of the aluminium look. But it also needs doing on the rear doors and it felt like just too much hassle. Can you let us know which wrap you used please?
  4. MrGreedy

    Wet cars and garage ventilation?

    Cost of dehumidifier: £80 upwards. Cost of running dehumidifier on solar panels on garage roof: £zero. Cost of trickle vents? Not sure myself. But the delta between the dehumidifier option and the trickle vent option can only be £80+ IF trickle vents are given away and installed for free...
  5. MrGreedy

    Slow Car on a lease, thoughts ?????

    3 Cylinder? 3 cylinder VAG?
  6. MrGreedy

    Anyone watch Mr Bates vs The Post Office ?

    I'd reign in that optimism. I think your overstating the likelihood of justice or procecution by an order of magnitude or two. This feels like it's got inneptitude, corruption, arrogance and greed woven through it at all senior levels within major organisations and public services. It feels like...
  7. MrGreedy

    Airmatic sensor Jenga..

    Using an offical version of STAR via an independent specialist or Merc dealer I believe (I'm afraid).
  8. MrGreedy

    Airmatic sensor Jenga..

    I think it might need calibrating. But you might get lucky 🤞 I've got a 2011 and the single read sensor for mine only controls the xenon levelling. I've been able to undo the nut, but not remove the bracket yet. My next attempt will be taking the arm off so I can try and remove the bracket on...
  9. MrGreedy

    Wet cars and garage ventilation?

    Dehumidifier with a hard drain line plumbed in so you don't have to keep emptying it, and a good oscillating fan on the wall on a timer to run several times a day would be my recommendations.
  10. MrGreedy

    Any tree surgeons on here?

    We've just arranged to have a tree cut back with our neighbour. Some sort of 'normal tree-shaped' poplar (not a straight stick like the ones you see around fields) was about 50ft, cut back super hard to about 15ft. It was £1200, but needed a lot of chaps to carry the cut pieces to the road. The...
  11. MrGreedy

    E500 S212 2011 100k for £11k

    I thinks there's a 30 minimum post count before you can advertise, and as your post this morning was a notification of up and coming advertisement, I guess Mods viewed that as breaching the 30 post rule. Plus, I don't think you will be able to send or receive private messages below 30 post...
  12. MrGreedy

    Just bought W212 E63

    Could it be this?
  13. MrGreedy

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    This. In previous years, had my young child been around, I would have watched it with them. But what was on Saturday night!? Now I have a young child; Forget that. I turned it off.
  14. MrGreedy


    I'm very hungry
  15. MrGreedy

    New To Me E220?

    By way of example, I have a 2011 E350 CDI. For my use case of around 12k miles a year, whilst I'm not looking for a replacement, I'm thinking if I had to replace my E class (e.g. accident write off), then I could even look at a circa 2011 S500/63/65. The cost of the mpg penalty using 55 vs...
  16. MrGreedy

    New To Me E220?

    Says the person thinking of dropping £35k on a liability that will depreciate rapidly? I think your idea of letting head rule heart and mine must be somewhat different. With £35k to play with, there is plenty of room for head and heart. I'd consider something like a very low miles super...
  17. MrGreedy

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    They will. The simplistic view is Palestinians are oppressed and the cruel Israeli settlers are bullies and deserve what the Palestinians are calling for. What ever that was. What was it again?
  18. MrGreedy

    s212 350cdi 4matic fuel consumption

    I've got a 2012ModelYear 265bhp E350CDI. Not 4matic, so that will make a bit of a difference. Long runs, e.g. 50-100 miles I get about: 55mpg at 70mph 60mpg at 65mph 64mpg at an indicated 58-59 mph (just set to stick in lane 1 and keep ahead of trucks with virtually no overtaking 75mpg...
  19. MrGreedy

    Cordless vacuum/Hoover recommendations

    Everytime I see people cleaning at the offices I visit, all the cleaning staff seem to use these 18V Makita back packs Can probably be had for just under £350 if you time an offer, but not cheap. I'm not...
  20. MrGreedy

    BT Telephone Problem

    Can't you just use your mobile as an internet hotspot for a few hours? If you position your phone next to a window around the house, carefully trying different angles and orientations, you might be surprised at what speed you can get. I'm able to (if I get the phone in the correct circa 2...
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