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  1. AMGeed

    Hole in Alloy wheel

    Bad luck Richie:doh: Here's a link for a new one. Make sure you're sat down.
  2. AMGeed

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Yes I got it wrong.:rolleyes: Not for the first time:doh:
  3. AMGeed

    996 Turbo to an SL400

    Only going on the numerous faults the R230 has raised on the forum. If you want reliability, buy Japanese. You know it.
  4. AMGeed

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    You are right. I got it mixed up.:fail:
  5. AMGeed

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

  6. AMGeed

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Did anyone see the Scottish MP (Maybe SNP , not sure) raging that the Conservatives have no respect for Scotland for calling the election during the school term time. The fool seems to have forgotten its term time in all of the UK
  7. AMGeed

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    The electorate have a pretty poor choice of candidates to be fair. Could be worse though. We aren't the USA.:crazy::crazy:
  8. AMGeed

    996 Turbo to an SL400

    Too many issues with the R230 500 and 55's for my liking. I'd keep the Porsche all day long.
  9. AMGeed

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    As mentioned before, be careful what you wish for. It's considered a formality that Inaction man will be voted in. Lets see what Labour can do. I'm not holding my breath.
  10. AMGeed

    The Football Thread

    So Pochettino is leaving Chelsea after one season and finishing 6th. There is something inherently wrong at that club. An owner who wants to manage and buy players the coach doesn't want isn't a recipe for success. I'm not surprised Pochettino left. Heaven knows who will take over. The names...
  11. AMGeed

    Meet some fun

    Well done Jon. Congrats on joining the AMG club. They are very addictive.
  12. AMGeed

    Does bad proofreading / spelling put you off an advert?

    I'm less inclined to be interested in buying any car if the advert is done sloppily. Poor grammar I can just about accept, not everyone has English as their first language, but lack of cleanliness, dirty floor mats, poor photos with little detail, and worst of all, little or no information about...
  13. AMGeed

    If you HATE brake dust...........

    The Brembo ceramic pads from Rock Auto might be a good choice also. No import duty either. My rear pads came within 7 days.,2005,e55+amg,5.5l+v8+supercharged,1431058,brake+&+wheel+hub,brake+pad,1684
  14. AMGeed

    If you HATE brake dust...........

    I can recommend TRW low dust pads from Autodoc. Fitted them to the front of my previous W212 E63 with black alloys and dust was never a problem with these pads.
  15. AMGeed

    Exhaust decat E63/CLS63

    The primary cats have the same Part#'s. There are no secondary cats on an M157. The resonator is the same Part#. The difference is the back boxes and pipework from the resonator to the back boxes. You can check for yourself. E63 M157 diagram first. Then the CLS63 157...
  16. AMGeed

    Bonnet open warning

    As above, give the bonnet a good slam and the warning doesn't appear.
  17. AMGeed

    Happy Birthday, developer

    Happy Birthday John.:banana:
  18. AMGeed

    Need to get into neutral to turn prop shaft..

    To get the car out of Park, the brake light switch needs to be activated by pressing hard enough on the brake pedal. There should be an over ride switch under the gear shift gator which just unclips. Try pressing the over ride switch whilst standing on the brake pedal. Put a piece of wood in...
  19. AMGeed

    SL55 x-pipe and secondary cat deleted - who?

    Powerflow used to do secondary cat removals and have a branch in Milton Keynes. Might be worth a call. 01908 483404
  20. AMGeed

    AC not working

    ^ Sorry, no need for my post above. I now see it was answered earlier.
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