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    Can i drive with this bracket snapped? Or is an urgent fix?

    I would be more worried about that oil leak.
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    Mobile Phone Holder (which doesn't hang off the air vent)

    to the OP. thats such a distracting position to place the phone taking your eyes well off the road. Phone has only one place in my car, the centre console. Every tine your phone pings you will be looking over your shoulder at it.
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    Correct Battery For C320 CDI 2006

    Far too logical surely
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    Service B required in Birmingham

    It will be main dealer. main dealers usually take these cars back if low mileage for the forecourts. so they need full MBSH. Does make me wonder, you get a brand new car and want to save a fewbucks on a service.
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    If your wife read that you are toast
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    Oh dear.....

    nothing to do arabs
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    Service Plan Refund

    8 years later!
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    Mobilo life is dead? RAC recovery service less features

    I had a MB badged RAC van out to check my brake boost in the W251 (under the recall) last year. The driver was an official mobilo merc tech and been so for 30 years. we got on the subject of mobilo and he basically said mercedes have scaled it all back and they hardly carry parts now on the...
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    Are these plates allowed on car?

    Forget his answer. Take plates off and get legit ones made. The seller owes a refund unleaa he stated - show plates not for road use.
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    Are these plates allowed on car?

    Its a high level security issue getting new plates made from a legitimate place. V5, a utility bill and a passport. All new plates made up get registered somewhere. I guess its clearly to prevent cloning so if anyone clones your plate - they can hopefully tracked. Are you cloning OP. :)
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    COMAND NTG4 from 2010 W204 C350i

    Get it in ebay. Note commands need marrying to the car and you need v5. A security measure.
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    07 1.8 automatic kompressor service advice required. 55000 miles approx.

    Yea I know its a private joke. As a side to the OP - 07 is 15 years old so needs the coolant doing - MB coolant is 15 years.
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    07 1.8 automatic kompressor service advice required. 55000 miles approx.

    What about an oil change .. of all people :)
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    W124 and W201 mirrors

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    No reverse camera guidelines

    could it simple as something in settings on the command unit.
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    2010 E class 350e ABS ESP Fault

    Plenty of vids on YT. Clean the ring, fit only a MB sensor.
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    ABS Problems.

    plug and play and error may well need deleting. Use gen MB sensor and check reluctor rings or clean them.
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    I was looking on my favourite car auction site and two of my top cars came up!!

    My uncle had a 450SEL many many years ago. I remember he collected us from manchester airport. Boy that car flew in the motorway. Mind he is a poser.
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    Mercedes do not include AdBlue top up as part of A or B service

    Read the T and C of the service product.
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