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    C63 W205 - Moving from 18 inch to 19 inch wheels ... how hard is it likely to be?

    I'm looking to swap my 19s for 18s if you're interested
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    Moving down to 18s on W205 C63 Wagon

    Thank you Alternatively could I fit slightly thicker rubber e.g. Currently has 265/35/19 on the rear, could I fit 265/40/19 tyres on - is there enough clearance? Same for the front increase 5mm tyre wall. Any help appreciated
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    Moving down to 18s on W205 C63 Wagon

    Hi all Does anyone know if 18s would fit to my 205 c63 wagon currently on stock 19s? Looking for more rubber for the look (like an M3T wheel and rubber ratio) and maybe some comfort and noise reduction also. Thanks
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