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  1. Sean_250

    Comand control knob problem

    There's a great video on YouTube on how to repair this. I did mine about a year ago- I bought the aluminium replacement that's mentioned in the video - cost less than a tenner if I remember correctly. Quite straightforward to do.
  2. Sean_250

    MMI / iPhone 7 via MMI - C63 507

    Yes, this is correct. Probably best to have a genuine Apple 30pin to Lightening too. I have this set-up and it works fine.
  3. Sean_250

    Audio 20 Album art

    The other variable is image file size. This needs to be below 50kb - regardless of resolution.
  4. Sean_250

    W204 C Class TV Tuner

    TV tuner wasn't an option on W204 c-class - or at least it wasn't when I bought mine in 2011. :-( COMAND, HK, DAB and reversing camera was about as much as i could get.
  5. Sean_250

    usb flash drive

    This happens to me when I copy mp3 from my Mac. I think it's an Apple format thing. I either delete the tracks from COMAND or use a windows machine to delete them where they appear as temp files.
  6. Sean_250

    W204 reversing mirrors?

    It definitely works with memory seats - you can set and store the position of the offside mirror when reverse is selected.
  7. Sean_250

    New CLS interior colours ?

    Head over to autoebid or similar. When you configure your car you will see interior options (but no pics). It'll also give you a good starting point when discussing price with your dealer - big discounts available on CLS :-) I've done this for the last two cars I've bought.
  8. Sean_250

    W204 & Iphone 5S Charging issues?!!?

    Yes, iPhone 5S.
  9. Sean_250

    W204 & Iphone 5S Charging issues?!!?

    I use an apple 30 pin to lightning connected to media interface. This charges ok.
  10. Sean_250

    command online - automatically play next album

    I have all my music on a USB and usually search and then play by folder. When I do this it moves on to next album.
  11. Sean_250

    W204 Brake Wear

    I've just done 47k and had to haves new front discs and pads on mine. I'm very light on the brakes so it was a bit of shock. Hope the 2nd set last a little longer
  12. Sean_250

    W204 Reversing Camera Guidelines

    The reversing camera in my W204 C Class (facelift 2011) doesn't have guidelines. Is there a way these can be switched on?
  13. Sean_250

    Comand Upgrade From June

    This from my dealer: "Your vehicle supports a "Dun" software system which stands for "Dial up network” which unfortunately will not connect online because of a hardware limitation on your vehicle. There is no update available. Now vehicles registered from September 2013 will support a "Pan"...
  14. Sean_250

    Any one have blind spot assist?

    If you were up by J18 bobmushroom it is because of Jodrell Bank - I think there is a note about it in the handbook. It would be nice if standard cruise control kicked in. Hey ho - back to using the right foot!!
  15. Sean_250

    NTG 4.5 Firmware Upgrade?

    I asked and my dealer said that software is not supported. Interested to hear what response others get.
  16. Sean_250

    Winter tyres E350 CDi Coupe 2010 HELP|!

    Here's a link to the cold weather tyre page on the MB website Mercedes-Benz UK - Safe Winter Driving - Snow Tyres - Cold Weather Tyre and Complete Wheels options
  17. Sean_250

    Should Comand come with iPod cable?

    Yes as part of media interface. Three different cables: iPod, 3.5mm jack and USB. I'm sure your dealer will sort you out when you let them know.
  18. Sean_250

    Comand & iphone?

    No you don't need pre-wiring it will work just fine with media interface. Media interface controls the iPod part of your phone; bluetooth the phone part. I.e. contacts and call lists. If you are on iOS6 you also get reading of SMS. The only thing iPhone can't do (and its well covered in various...
  19. Sean_250

    Iphone compatibility with Comand/SMS

    No, still can't go online :-( But SMS does now work.
  20. Sean_250

    Iphone compatibility with Comand/SMS

    I have a 4s Paul, so don't know. I don't use a cradle though.
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