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  1. jih2000

    C63 engine cover clips w204

    Just in case useful to anyone, i heard about MB charging for an entire engine cover. The following MB part worked great on mine: 011-988-89-78
  2. jih2000

    ESS Supercharger for M156 C63

    what codes got flagged? guess not the lean warnings i originally had?
  3. jih2000

    ESS Supercharger for M156 C63

    i ended up with this kit too same time, running at 7psi.
  4. jih2000

    C63 Hyraulic Lifters

    I have 32 x hyraulic OEM valve / lifters from an October 2013 C63 (30K miles) all in very good condition. MB part # A 156 050 02 25 I will consider selling in smaller batches, £12 a lifter. As mentioned, perfect condition with full MB yearly service history and inter-yearly oil changes. The...
  5. jih2000

    BPE-Motorsport Oil Cooler C63

    hi As per title, is anyone running one of these on their C63? looks like someone on the other American forums has made the swap recently. anyone know of a european seller/distributor? the cooler size difference looked quite significant.
  6. jih2000

    C63 2013 Bonnet

    Hi, i have a 2013 C63 bonnet in Obsidian black very good condition (only 3-4 very small stone chips repaired) going. I'm having mine swapped at mb newcastle for 507 one so if anyone up that way needs one (minus sound deadening, latches etc that will be swapped onto the new one), make an offer...
  7. jih2000

    coolant leak c63 2013

    Hi, I seem to have a coolant leak on my radiator expansion tank around the screw cap. I bought a new screw cap but unfortunately still an issue. Is this just a faulty tank or maybe a bigger issue eg excess pressure? im booking in to have the tank replaced next week but anything else i should...
  8. jih2000

    Who Built your AMG Engine?

    c63 Tobias Nowusch
  9. jih2000

    E63s W213 Build Thread

    nice project car and stats output, ive just bought dragy due to this thread...
  10. jih2000

    MPSS4S Tires

    good prices on that site! have you used them before eg reliable? ansolutly struggled finding that size but eventually found justyres for £206 fitted. i might get some spares when i have a bit of cash from above. drfeelgood, you running the 265 rear /245 front combo? is that on a c63 and whats...
  11. jih2000

    MPSS4S Tires

    Hi, Trying to get hold of MPPS 4S in size 245/30/R19. I have them on the front now but totally struggling to get replacements. Anyone know of any reputable online tire sites that might have these?
  12. jih2000

    Calipers sorted kwv3ddc on the way :)

    kwv3 fitted :)
  13. jih2000

    Dash Cam Hardwire C63

    My kit is a cellink b. I just wired it into the cigarette lighter but had forgotten it had hardwire accessories. ill have a go and put up a guide if anyone is interested.
  14. jih2000

    Dash Cam Hardwire C63

    i need to wire in my dash cam as i lost my cig port to kwddc control. i just need a connection thats live when the engine is on, as it will connect to a dash battery it charges. would i need to rub cabling to the boot fuse box?
  15. jih2000

    Calipers sorted kwv3ddc on the way :)

    On the way to reading. I guess you had alignment redone, did you do at mb or another specialist? Any issues, gotchas during fitment? Wheels are almost already flush with the arches, but im thinking of maybe going down 1cm to make it near perfect so long as it does not knock/scrape the speed...
  16. jih2000

    Calipers sorted kwv3ddc on the way :)

    Arrived in the post this week KWv3 DDC :banana::banana:with android wireless module that was on offer for free :) now just need to fit, will engage PCS sometime this month... Next on list weistec transcooler. Seriously comtemplating ess supercharger gen3, just need some kind of offer and some...
  17. jih2000

    Calipers sorted kwv3ddc on the way :)

  18. jih2000

    200 cell cats ot catless on C63

    I'm curious if anyone has swapped the secondaries for 200 cell and what this did to exhaust noise
  19. jih2000

    6.2 N/A + charger vs 4ltr biturbo

    Interesting :) I have the my genious programmer with my v5 tune. Currently sat in cupboard gathering dust. Looked like ess is a Norwegian company but all their kit was in $ so assume have to pay the import duties from states :(
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