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    Your day in three words.

    Golf Lager Omlette
  2. stevieb15

    Whats your all time favourite Mercedes?

    Agree with french, my 500se which I rarely use now is the most incredible piece of automotive engineering.Leather and carpets still like new, starts first time, limited slip diff if you want to hustle it, which it's quite good at, huge boot, chrome and paint work remarkable for its age and 150k+...
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    Many thanks, I've been away from the forum for sometime and need to catch up!
  4. stevieb15


    Hi Lee Had a difficult couple of years personally , as soon as I work out how to PM you I'll go into more detail. Hope everything is going well with you.
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    ...but then everyone would assume it's a 318
  6. stevieb15

    W126 ICE

    I put something very similar from Pioneer into mine 4 years ago, tbh it doesn't really sit well with the car but I'm don't think anything with a screen does in an almost 30 year old cockpit. From a functionality perspective everything is excellent.
  7. stevieb15

    CLK convertible, would you have one ?

    My wife's got a 2003 320 Avantgarde convertible, barely cared for, rust free, repairs bearable, now on 140000 miles, still drives like dream. Nuff said.
  8. stevieb15

    Does your car have a name?

    I also have a "beast", the SE500, the SL is know as "The Banana"
  9. stevieb15

    149 MPH - 6 month ban

    As I was driving from Storrington to Brighton today on the A283, a 60 mph national speed limit road, a complete knob headess pulled out from the Partridge Green road and proceeded to slow down a stream of traffic travelling at about 55 mph to 30 mph, and kept it that way until Shoreham which is...
  10. stevieb15

    Wasting the time of an Indy

    Although it's a different product the cost of everything I import from South Africa as a "special" is covered by deposit...even by the corporate credit customers.
  11. stevieb15

    Game of Thrones TV Thread - No Book Spoilers Please!

    Every week the hour just flies by, great formula sex and violence, some politics and then more sex and violence.
  12. stevieb15

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for being the first to use a europun
  13. stevieb15

    Driving in FOG

    Thank you, I'm sure you're going to make a great addition to the forum. Irrespective of your views on DMs 32000 posts I think your 6th post has for me at least created a greater negative characterisation of you. Frankly it's rather like asking to be invited to a party and pissing on the BBQ
  14. stevieb15

    Any advice for a first timer?

    Haven't read all the thread and I may have missed the answer already but why a manual. If fuel is your issue buy a Honda/Toyota/VW with a sewing machine motor. Turbo diesels and automatics are made for each other. You've made the right decision in selecting a 2-3 year car if you're going go to...
  15. stevieb15

    How much will this 27 year old Volvo make at auction?

    There is a Volvo Owners Club so someone would probably want it, on that basis anything upto £3000. Personally I'd rather spend much less and make my CE300-24 MOT passable.
  16. stevieb15

    Daily Drive-20mpg AMG or 50mpg Diesel?

    For some old reasons to do with our business I've just bought a Saab 9-5 Arc 3 litre TiD estate. 722 miles from first tank, now all the Merc drivers in the family are queuing up to use it, even my wife is leaving the CLK at home tomorrow when she drives to Bristol for her Mums birthday.
  17. stevieb15

    "Mercedes-Benz Club" a bit pants - or is it me?

    The magazine and Mercedes Classic are well worth the monthly subs. I use the forum occasionally, it's not like here, much less busy but good fun irrespective.
  18. stevieb15 and MyHermes

    You're covered by Distance Sales Regulations under The Sale of Goods Act...the seller is responsible for chasing their carrier, ask them to so do.
  19. stevieb15


    Peroni overlooking Lake Maggiore,just before dusk in September.
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