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  1. Gazhale1982

    Brake caliper cover w204 c350 cdi

    Hi After having my brake pads and discs changed all round the front two brake calipers covers ( don't know the technical name for them it's the bit with Mercedes written on it ) has corroded and needs replacing. I can't seem to find these anywhere does anybody have any ideas pls ?
  2. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    my car is 2010, yes 2 air filters and 2 pollen filters. tried mercland and they're coming at 370 plus travelling there and back .
  3. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    mms oldbury German Car Specialist | German Car Service | German Car Parts its within walking distance of work and home which is also a bonus .
  4. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    the price does in vat definitely. the parts are all oem, the guy was explaining the breakdown of the costs which he pointed out that they only put 5% on parts compared to others 10%+ air filters x 2 and pollen filters x 2 in that price also .
  5. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    so.....a local indie can do for me... Full B service - which will include oil, fuel, air and pollen filters. oil change + give the car a once over and brake fluid change for the sum of £350. deal or no deal ?
  6. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    Thanks for the reply I called mb Wolverhampton and asked about the service plan and told them my car was due a B service according to the dashboard. They disagreed and said there system said it only needed an A service and if I did take the service plan they would only carry out an A service ...
  7. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    Any takers ? No ? Well seeing as my first question fell on death ears I'll ask another. How much is a good price for a B service which I want to include air, fuel, oil and pollen filters I seem to be getting quotes like oh it's £230 but that doesn't include fuel air or pollen
  8. Gazhale1982

    C350 B service

    Hey everyone So after owning my C350 for 12 months she is now due a b service and want to take her to a MB specialist for obvious reasons. Any good recommendations near B69 post code, I do live near Andy Gayle but a bit concerned due to a few not favourably review I e read. One more thing it's...
  9. Gazhale1982

    Chinese tyres - truly awful!

    Bought four Nankang tyres and was very surprised how well they're performing
  10. Gazhale1982

    C350e anyone considering one?

    love the tech these new mercs have
  11. Gazhale1982

    w116 350SE "museum" piece...

    wow thats in great condition .
  12. Gazhale1982

    Absolutely stunning W123 230E - 15K miles!!

    shame about the colour looks i good nic tbf
  13. Gazhale1982

    Jesus Ch...I want ...

    nice love these old cars would make me feel like I was in ashes to ashes lol
  14. Gazhale1982

    Age of MB Drivers.....

    31 - c350 v6 w204
  15. Gazhale1982

    W204 Interior Light Lens Cover

    So trying to be a smart **** putting in Led's to my new car I've cracked the left hand side Interior Light Cover. Does anyone have any idea where I can get a replacement as I've looked online but can't find one. Any help would be great Gaz .
  16. Gazhale1982

    W204 Bluetooth / Phonebook .

    It's a bit ridiculous I know. Before I managed to load my contact I thought am I missing a trick here or what ? There's gotta be a save button somewhere ! Such a beautiful car with so much power let down by a crap Stereo system of all things !
  17. Gazhale1982

    W204 Bluetooth / Phonebook .

    Right I've done it. I copied all my contacts from my windows phone to an old android one. Then Bluetooth'd all the phonebook from the android phone to the car and it freaking works ! ! ! For some reason my windows phone wouldn't let me send the whole book over at once and I'll be dammed if I...
  18. Gazhale1982


    I've ordered a complete interior set so watch this space .
  19. Gazhale1982

    W204 Bluetooth / Phonebook .

    Hi everyone I have C350 w204 with audio 20 and wanna try and put my contacts on the system but I'm starting to scratch my head now. Any ideas ?
  20. Gazhale1982

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