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  1. BarryWhitt

    Alternative route sat nav

    I've done a search on this subject but not found my answer in other posts so.... On long trips I often get a message saying ''Alternative route saving **** minutes'' It's taken me ages to suss out how to get to this but now I have and when it showed the route I was on yesterday and the...
  2. BarryWhitt

    C Class 200 W205 2017

    I realise that and was tongue in cheek with my flippant reply, but now I see I can use a key encased in the fob. Plus I always keep my fobs in a metal tin so they can't be cloned at home. :D
  3. BarryWhitt

    Rear door scuff plate guard W205

    Been wanting these for over 9 months now but the only ones I could see were AMG or they were ones for W204 up to 2014. So I took a gamble and bought a set for the rear from China they arrived with a week!!! And as I thought they fit perfectly to my 2017 W205 Here is where I got them if anyone...
  4. BarryWhitt

    C Class 200 W205 2017

    I wouldn't tell them I'd say my key fob must have been cloned. Anyway just found out that there is a key within the fob I've just watched a video on YouTube where I also saw that the fob will do more than I knew. Happy days.
  5. BarryWhitt

    C Class 200 W205 2017

    I'd like to know if I can start my car up to warm up and then lock it and go back inside with my keyless go key-fob far enough away to unable the contact. If there is a way can anyone tell me because after I locked the car the fob would not allow me to open the door either by using the fob...
  6. BarryWhitt

    Tyre pressure warning...

    Inside fuel flap its say 250kPs/36psi all round for 2-3 people in car, then up to 5 with luggage 270/39 front 310/45 rear. I've just done 250/36 all round and warning light has gone out. :) But the pressure went up after doing a couple of miles, which is normal. Thanks.
  7. BarryWhitt

    Tyre pressure warning...

    In my face on the speedo that I must check my tyre pressures. 228 kPa front and rear nearside and 235kPa front and rear offside. That's in real terms 1.0153 Psi difference! Seems OTT to me....your views please.
  8. BarryWhitt

    Puddle of water, C Class 200

    Yes I can see the drain holes on the drivers side in the first photo but there are none on the passenger side where the water sits. That's just moulding. First photo is drivers side with drain holes, but nothing on the passenger side.
  9. BarryWhitt

    Puddle of water, C Class 200

    The drain hole is clean and clear but in the wrong place! The plastic cable tie didn't clear anything. Surely when water is in the area it should drain away but the hole is located ''Above'' the settled water level. The car is on a level surface btw.
  10. BarryWhitt

    Puddle of water, C Class 200

    Just had a look both sides are as clean as a whistle?
  11. BarryWhitt

    Puddle of water, C Class 200

    Annoying when the car is leathered off nice and dry and when you get up to speed there is a water fountain raising up the windscreen on the near side passenger side. It gathers under the left wiper and is about at it's worse 2 inches deep. I'm tempted to drill a drain hole but have no idea where...
  12. BarryWhitt

    MOT trap for the unwary.

    Well I've always taken my vehicles early on the assumption if it fails you still have a couple of weeks to sort it before the current MOT runs out. Stupid thing is my 1955 Triumph Speed Twin 5T doesn't need a MOT or Tax.
  13. BarryWhitt

    Correct torque for wheel bolts?

    Thanks for the replies guys, no equipment supplied as it only has the blow up kit, no spare. It's just yesterday I painted the callipers. :D
  14. BarryWhitt

    Correct torque for wheel bolts?

    C Class 200 Sport 2017 Anyone know how tight to do the wheel bolts up please?
  15. BarryWhitt

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Decided to paint my callipers today. :D
  16. BarryWhitt

    Will these fit my C-CLASS rear sills?

    Tempted to buy these but l already have the front ones, does anyone want to go halves with me for the front two? But worried whether they will fit my 2017 C-Class, they look ok as they have a slight curve to the rear set as in my sills.
  17. BarryWhitt

    Privacy Glass

    Had mine done a couple of weeks ago near Peterborough rear doors and rear window 5 pieces took an hour and a half I chose the dearer of the two £130.00 - £150.00 all computerised cut to size and obviously fitted to the inside. It reduces heat into the car when the sun is at it's peak. Solar...
  18. BarryWhitt

    Just got these pedals from Amazon

    Now fitted. :D
  19. BarryWhitt

    Result new car better now than showroom condition.

    Yes a lot of negativities on that thread...LOL But It's not as simple as the OP said if you go to a reputibal detailer that is governed by Gtechniq plus the dealer has paid for the work I've just contributed to a few extras. I have a written 7 years guarantee if he were to go **** (female...
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