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  1. coalville126

    SBC/Secondary battery replacement.

    Genuine MB battery - A2115410001 £68 Genuine Mercedes-Benz E-Class - Auxiliary Battery 12V 12AH A2115410001 | eBay
  2. coalville126

    Need Advice on Dehumidifiers

    Perhaps you should have a look at other more economical / energy efficient ways of reducing relative humidity in your home. I've done a bit of online research for my parents and settled on a positive input ventilator. That did the trick with damp/mould as they live in a period property with...
  3. coalville126

    Shell V-Power Nitro vs BP Ultimate Active petrol

    My E55 threw a wobbly the other day after a tankful of Morrisons' finest. It started the next morning with a shudder & tapped like mad which I've never known it to do in the 4 years I've owned it. I normally use BP or if supermarket fuel, it gets a dose of Millers, but ran out that day...
  4. coalville126

    Leather seat conditioner?

    Don't think so as it doesn't dry out my hands compared to other moist hand wipes, especially the HD wipes.
  5. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    Yes, less protrusion is what I'm after.
  6. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    That's what I thought exactly. Although I'm sure I can call on a favour & get it made, but I'll still have to paint thrm. At that price & with bolts, brackets & delivered - bargain. I've just ordered a set, so if anyone else is interested, ask & I shall post my thoughts about it.
  7. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    Looks just the thing & inexpensive for the couple of sets I have on floor stands currently, taking up space. Not sure why I've not seen this as I've been searching on there, but only came up with hooks for bare wheels without tyres & the one linked by vijilants It's a 12m x 4 tandem single &...
  8. coalville126

    Storing winter wheels on garage wall

    As per the title, I 'd like to store my spare set of wheels off the floor to free up some space & was wondering what do you guys use to hang your spare set of wheels.
  9. coalville126

    S210 fuel hose

    Yup it is the same for all petrol estates. All the more surprising that MB UK don't stock it. To bring this to a close, Wayne's team at WDM diagnosed a leaking pump this afternoon & is currently being replaced. I guess the general dampness in the area led me to suspect the hose as it still...
  10. coalville126

    S210 fuel hose

    Thanks for the info, didn't know that as nothing came up when I googled the part no. Doubt I'd get anywhere on a '98 car though. Might have bought it from the dealer, but MB don't stock it in the UK, so the failure can't be that common. On my Subaru, when I had a braking issue which is part...
  11. coalville126

    S210 fuel hose

    That was expensive..... Thankfully never experienced that even on cars that were way past their use-by, by the time I got them. Only time a fuel hose went on my then company car, an Audi 100CC, it was in the engine bay feeding the carb, the car went up in a quite spectacular way. That's my...
  12. coalville126

    S210 fuel hose

    I thought as much as I recall doing it on my 126 a few years back when I replaced the fuel pump on that one - decided to just pack up, I guess from infrequent use. Might decide to let a garage tackle the job now as the hose is weeping & I have a full tank of fuel! Working under a car in my...
  13. coalville126

    S210 fuel hose

    Hi guys, quick question about A2104767326 - hose from fuel tank to pump on my E55. Anyone knows the size of this as I need a replacement & it needs to be ordered from Germany. One of the parts guy I spoke to says it's simply a short length of hose for £21.70 & I could source one locally.
  14. coalville126

    W210 door mirror

    Yup, tried it & was a really good replacement part. Looks like the genuine part with just the star ground off before the part number. Good quality wiring & plugs all fit. I took a chance on a very cheap, poorly listed, boxed new-old-stock genuine MB part, also on eBay, so fitted that...
  15. coalville126

    Parking bufoonery.

    I witnessed a similar situation as a youngster, but the cars involved were a Rover P6 parked up and a Datsun 120Y . The Datsun suffered a long deep dent down the side while I couldn't see any damage on the chrome bumper of the P6. I went on to own a 3500 a few years later. Don't think many...
  16. coalville126

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Now that's a car I wanted in the day. Had a 100 Quattro, Avant Quattro, 200 Turbo, but not a 200 Avant Quattro Turbo. Looks like the one you had has done a fair few miles.
  17. coalville126

    W211 - does it really need AGM battery?

    They are really worth the extra. I've got A005 541 10 01 - 95AH 850CCA which is a popular MB fitment, on my E55 & W126. More than adequate capacity and holds charge really well as my W126 does not get used very often.
  18. coalville126

    Slate roof options

    Not leaking as far as I'm aware, they just wanted somewhere to store things, but without felt, it gets rather dusty, so I thought I'd help them out by sorting that particular "project".
  19. coalville126

    Slate roof options

    That's a good point which I'd not thought about. Just been informed that after a quick look, it appears none of the houses, 4 pairs either side have been re-roofed or rather to still have the same tiles. I will be getting a few roofers round soon to properly inspect & get a price. Thanks...
  20. coalville126

    Slate roof options

    Only visible water staining / marks on the roof timbers.
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