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  1. Sylvo

    Refurbishement Key Fob/Key SL280 R129

    As far as I can ascertain build date was approx Feb 1994. It was registered in UK 22 04 1994. Not sure how to tel if I have an IR receiver on mirror, I did point fob at the mirror after reading some other information but no joy. The boot does have a receiver, same as the doors, once again no joy.
  2. Sylvo

    Refurbishement Key Fob/Key SL280 R129

    Hi all, I sent my spare key for refurbishment, it was loose and not usable so needed sorting. Have been meaning to do it for some time as may be selling the car 2022 and felt it was a good box to tick. Sent it to these people Key Fob Repairs and Replacement Car Keys – Nationwide service for all...
  3. Sylvo

    R129 1994 Veneered center consul trim

    Starting to get some minor hairline cracking on consul, found this site, seem very capable thinking of sending away for a refurb before it gets any worse. Has anyone used this company (are they reasonable) Wood Trim Restoration & Bespoke Veneering Services | GDK Veneering The interior is very...
  4. Sylvo

    R129 Electric seat problems

    I am also having issues, have had a couple of responses and also watchign various you tube videos...still not cured yet. Might be worth looking at my post see if anything pops up to help you.
  5. Sylvo

    R129 passenger seat

    Thanks guys for taking time out to respond. Have finally got the bolster off, torch/mirror removed x 2 hex head 10mm bolts, also removed the back rest, x 2 star head screws at base. Now have good access to everything which all seems clean and OK. Have disconnected and re connected various leads...
  6. Sylvo

    R129 passenger seat

    Thanks for that, have watched a you tube video showing the x 2 Philips screws, problem I have is the seat is stuck in its maximum forward position. Using a mirror and light I cannot see/find these screws the best I can see is hex heads x 2 either side. My car is 1994, do you think they may have...
  7. Sylvo

    R129 passenger seat

    Any ideas, for some reason the passenger seat will not recline or move back and forth on the slider, I can hear it click for both operations but nothing happens :confused:
  8. Sylvo

    R129 SL280 Seat Protectors/center consul repair

    My SL 280 has just turned 26 years with 80K, the interior is very good and want to protect does anyone know if you can get side bolster protectors for the seats, no issues so far and will not be using in the winter but am prepping for sale in the new year and want it all to be spot on as may be...
  9. Sylvo

    Brake Pads

    Interested to know what pads & shocks anyone would recommend for my SL280 R129 (1994). The car is in superb condition with very low mileage, going on a road trip this summer so upgrading a few bits, so just want to keep it tip top. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Sylvo

    SL R129 Engine Sound Proofer

    Thanks Many thanks guys, am going the SL shop route...never knew about it before...can feel the wallet draining already with stuff I have looked at :D
  11. Sylvo

    Sl280 r129

    Straight six (1994) Many thanks
  12. Sylvo

    Sl280 r129

    I know this is a long shot considering the potentials. Have developed a tiny drip which has pretty much drained the water/coolant over about a two week period. The radiator light came on a couple of times which alerted me to it originally. I topped up but a few days later after a run of about 80...
  13. Sylvo

    SL R129 Engine Sound Proofer

    Can anyone recommend sound proofing for under the bonnet and where to source. The car is in great condition but due to age the under bonnet sound proofing is starting to deteriorate and I would like to reinstate as am starting to detail the engine bay etc. I am not worried about original stuff...
  14. Sylvo

    New Member

    Welcome I have a R129 SL280 - best purchase I ever made. Apparantly going up in value...slowly.
  15. Sylvo

    Radiator Coolant

    I have an SL280 R129 and want to change/flush the system and replace with a good anti freeze/coolant. Can anyone recommend the best stuff to use please? Have trawled through past posts and searched the internet but to no avail.
  16. Sylvo

    R129 1994 Rear Light Cluster Interior boot Panels

    Anyone had issues with this. The rear cluster interior panels that gives access to the bulbs are constantly swinging open. Have tried gaffer tape but it looks naff and leaves a mark. Have tried strong Velcro but when its warm the sticky bit softens and comes loose. :wallbash: Am loathe to...
  17. Sylvo

    Michelin crossclimate 225/55r16 99w

    For those that are interested I recently had a full new set fitted on my 1994 SL, after much research and deliberation. Best price fitted at home was kwik-fit mobile, 419.00 all in and the bloke fitted chrome dust caps (FOC). Very impressed with the service. Have done a few miles since, the...
  18. Sylvo

    Drivers seat Back Support

    I have an SL 1994, whilst the seats are very comfy I have recently had a lower back injury which is improving, but still a bit sore. I am taking the car on quite a long tour soon and wondered if anyone can recommend a seat support that may help for long drives. There are so many out there it...
  19. Sylvo

    K&N Air filters

    Just prepping for a long trip, do K&N filters make a difference aka are they worth the money.
  20. Sylvo

    Michelin crossclimate 225/55r16 99w

    I want to upgrade my tyres and have done a bit of research, also got a long trip to Scotland for hols coming up so want to get done before I go. This is what I am thinking of having fitted, MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE 225/55R16 99W Has anyone tried these, be grateful for any feed back...not...
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