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  1. chrisk2010

    Most/least favourite thing about your Merc.

    I love that is doesn't have an "infotainment system" When i want radio 1 i push 1, when i want radio 2 i push 2 and so on ..... with the missus new car when to pull over and have an argument with it then it gives me radio 1 xtra :rolleyes:. I has actually put me off changing the car, i think...
  2. chrisk2010

    Detailing discount

    Might help someone out but unfortunately Ray's is closing down and orders above £20 i think are 25% off. Most of the stuff is sold out but there are some bits there i think members use like Bilberry Wheel cleaner. Ray's Detailing Supplies Ltd - Walk-in supply shop
  3. chrisk2010

    A new Breed of Tyre dressing.

    +1 for Garage Therapy Serum, i have been using it a few months now and it gives the tyre a lovely finish as well as being quite durable as long as it is applied as Lee has described. For those (like me) that are used to applying APC, letting it sit and scrubbing tyres there doesn't seem any...
  4. chrisk2010

    Clean and protect the family bus

    Cheers fella, i remember that detail well and really enjoyed it, i think my better half misses that car more than she lets on being her first car that is. My one regret is I wish i had posted more on the interior detail i did on it because that was where the real work was as the whole interior...
  5. chrisk2010

    How do you deal with dust build up?

    I feel your pain also owning a black car but unfortunately there isn’t a magic bullet for this. Some might recommend quick detailers and other thing but the honest truth is without giving it a clean there isn’t anyway of getting that dust off without scratching it. The best advice i could give...
  6. chrisk2010

    Advice for a newbie?

    You can do a chemical decontamination fairly cheaply and the benefits of this would be that the sealant or wax will bond better with your paintwork, the only thing i would do is use a clay bar unless you fancy giving the car a one step machine polish as the clay bar will inflict some marring...
  7. chrisk2010

    Let Battle Commence. Foam Cannon test

    Great test fella, up until purchasing the Detail Driven lance (which i love) I've had 3 or 4 Amazon or eBay cheap lances but slowly as pre-washing grew more popular or the past few years and the price of the cheaper lances started creeping up I went for something bit better and to be honest it...
  8. chrisk2010

    Detailing discount

    Might help someone out i have just seen this. Ray's Detailing Supplies Ltd - Walk-in supply shop I ordered some bits last week over £50 arrived next day before 11am can’t fault customer service.
  9. chrisk2010

    Detailing spray

    This^ The natural thing is to over apply but what happens is the carriers evaporate off and you're left with the main ingredient dried on the panel causing the smearing, sort of like if you added salt to water the salt would seem to disappear until the water evaporated away. It's a lot more...
  10. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    Thanks i do like a clean car :) To be honest when i lived on a farm and was travelling country lanes I'd just blast the car to get the mud off, hit it with some solution through the pressure washer and then hit it again with water which was enough in between maintenance washes.
  11. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    Thanks fella i'm sure a saw a few brass monkeys crying that morning it was so cold! With the water I'm quite lucky at work because our di system passes through a dedicated heater and UV sterilizer as well canisters and other filters so i'm really quite spoilt (spoiled for any Americans) with...
  12. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    For anyone that's reads this and wonders what i mean by flooding the panels what i do is fill a bucket with DI water and then with a smaller 3ltr bucket i just pour over the panels which sheets the water and runs away. The same thing can be achieved either by doing what like Lee has done by...
  13. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    I used the multi mitt method which people are finally starting to take notice of it's so much easier and safer than the two bucket method. A little Autoglym Shampoo and conditioner in a bucket of warm DI water throw in your multiple mitts and that it. The White Megs mitt on top is an older...
  14. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    Right guys the day I selected was a cold one -3 on the day but we got there and i think the temp went up to +1. I got everything set up and kicked off with some BH autofoam at 4% PIR (750ml in my case) and i planned to us the whole bottle with two treatments given the state the car was in...
  15. chrisk2010

    C207 Palladium Silver Advice

  16. chrisk2010

    C207 Palladium Silver Advice

    Seems like you are on the right track, Surfex can be applied through a SF Lance but i would probably use pump sprayer as it is easier to get the correct dilution. For a prewash use Autofoam through your lance but it would be best to work out the PIR first. For the Mitt clean just use a good...
  17. chrisk2010

    Da help

    You really have to go some to burn the paint as Killerhertz has said, i mean you have to want to do it to be able to do it. Best thing to do is watch a few youtube vids, do worry about compounds and pads too much to begin with but instead get a good one step compound like Scholl S20 and get a...
  18. chrisk2010


    Do this, upgrading (yes i'm going with upgrading:)) to a short trigger with a quick connection opens up your world to so many optional extras to make life much easier. Company wise there are so many but have a ring around, the only thing i would say is look at the wide neck snow foam lances...
  19. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    oh damn, if it wasn't for covid i'd offer to clean that one too 😍
  20. chrisk2010

    A little something for the weekend

    I have always treated my cars with care and respect, viewing their overall cleanliness and condition as a reflection of ones self. Though being a maintenance manager with a greek father i suppose i could class myself at least in part as a foreign handyman albeit i rarely visit Waitrose.
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