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  1. garno

    360 camera Fault

    Unfortunately my 360 cameras have stopped working (screens not coming up at all not even displaying black. No reversing camera actuation, 360 button on dash not functioning at all) any advise much appreciated. S class W222 coupe 2018. Best
  2. garno

    Does anyone out there know what this key fob does?

    Great what does it do? Yes it has a battery and display? Thx
  3. garno

    Does anyone out there know what this key fob does?

    This came with my car but i haven't got a clue what it is or what is????
  4. garno

    Matte paint - anyone have experience of it?

    Anyone out there resprayed a panel on there Selenite grey magno car and the process needed to match the panel with the rest of the car? The new panel on mine is very matt whilst the rest of the car has a slight sheen so there must be I guess a process hopefully to match it to the rest of the car...
  5. garno

    Spotify Problem

    Chaps, Anyone know about connecting your Iphone to your car dock connector? When I had my W221 2010 it was no problem. I could play my spotify tracks that I had downloaded. On my C217 2018 I can play Spotify downloaded tracks using my Iphone via bluetooth but I am unable to play the same tracks...
  6. garno

    C217 Night Edition

    Is there anybody out there with another C217 S-Class Night Edition Coupe
  7. garno

    W221 S500 Airmatic Rear Suspension Height

    Afternoon chaps, Just measuring my clearance pre installation of my lowering links and the passenger side rear clearance (UK Right hand drive) is 50mm!!! higher than the drivers side. Lifted car on airmatic and then lowered. Driven car to settle suspension but still the same. WTF!!! No fault...
  8. garno

    Interior passenger map courtesy light removal

    Majoring chaps, I am trying to replace the interior map reading/courtesy light in my 2010 W221. (interior lighting rear right passenger map courtesy Mercedes S-Class W221 A221820160) anyone know how to get the thing off? Thanks garno
  9. garno

    Footwell courtesy lights W221 S Class 2010 500

    Morning chaps, Are they meant to stay on all the time when it's dark. I can only turn them off when I press the all interior light off button on the interior map and sunroof console? Cheers garno
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