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  1. lxi

    Is there a realistic alternative to an SL?

    I would not recommend a Vantage having had one. Build quality crap, manufacturer attitude even worse and "sportshift" (robotic manual 'box) indescribable. Worst car I've had in 20 years (including a TVR) But - the prettiest by far !!
  2. lxi

    Defected to BMW

    I just replaced the previous Thunderbird II (Audi A3 cab) with an e93 335i cab. Has loads of toys (all working!). The 7 speed box is really smooth, much better "vario" roof than my SL63 & no slouch. It'll get a good run tomorrow as off through the Yorkshire Dales. I would have taken the...
  3. lxi

    R230 roof / boot lift failure

    My boot hydraulic lift has been a bit iffy for some time - works fine most of the time (opening) and all of the time (closing). So, with the weather brilliant, it decides not to play (opening) at all. That also means the roof wont play either. My keyless driver's handle is u/s - passengers...
  4. lxi

    Microcars-which ones do you have?

    I think some of the Bond Minicars had to be started via either a kickastart or pulley adaptation of a kick start - electric start was only an option on some. I had a BMW Isetta and later a Trojan, the latter of which I rolled in spectacular manner. In Glasgow city centre. Reports were...
  5. lxi

    Is there a stone chip repair secret?

    +1 for Chipex - perfect color match & relatively easy to use
  6. lxi

    R230 boot sensors/switch(es) - clues needed!

    My SL has the optional power boot opener/closer. Sometimes the feature doesn't work - pull the boot handle & it unlocks but doesn't lift. Other times it won't close when I press the button to close but I do hear a clunk (like a heavy relay) from the area of the roof pump / PSE. No major prob...
  7. lxi

    CLS W219 Powered Boot Not Working

    had this with mine (different model obviously) - turned out to be a break in one of the wires that are clipped to the hinges. If I tweaked the harness this way and that while holding the button to close, it would operate - from there on just a question of removing the harness wrapping & trying...
  8. lxi

    R230 SL500 preventative maintenance jobs

    Gummi is good - I think Krytox is better
  9. lxi

    Diasbling car seat chime

    Seems that way. You would probably get a better response on the Darwin Awards site
  10. lxi


    I was sent this poem when my son passed away - I found it helpful to gain focus - The Beauty Of Death Xiv Poem by Khalil Gibran - Poem Hunter The extract I really understood was: Talk not of my departure with sighs in your hearts; close Your eyes and you will see me with you forevermore.
  11. lxi

    Rubber care

    I've tried gummi & Krytox & found the latter the more effective Genuine VW Krytox Roof Lubricant | eBay
  12. lxi

    Sorry, another question: Original tyre compressor

    I looked at both the compressor links with ebay - they are not something I'd want to rely on and they are not MB either- I had one such & it literally shook itself to bits inflating a bicycle tyre
  13. lxi


    I've used Thunderbird for many years - Outlook was struggling with volume of retained mails - Thunderbird is free, takes across all your Outlook mails, address books etc - vastly superior (and grown up) product
  14. lxi

    SL63 v GTC v Aston DB9 etc.....

    Had an SL55, went mad & changed to an aston V8 V roadster - worst car I've had in years, although very pretty - got rid of that after a year for an SL63 - had that coming up three years this month - uses lots of petrol, servicing isn't cheap but zero problems in 3 years which makes me happy
  15. lxi

    Any aston martin fans here?

    Beautiful indeed, but style over substance. I'd never have another aston
  16. lxi

    55 performance dissapointment.

    I had one of those some years back then 2 other cars then an Sl55 - there is no comparison between the x100 xkr and the 55 - something is certainly amiss.
  17. lxi

    Interior boot release

    I went through the same thought process with my first SL - it was useful once when I was picking someone up who had a bag to drop in the boot before he got in. I'm now on SL #3 which has the power open/close option (brilliant!) & the button can be used to both open (fully) & close the boot
  18. lxi

    Ruptured Achillies Tendon

    I've known quite a few - all healed fine. To make life a bit more bearable particularly in this heat, get yourself one of these Seal Tight Cast and Wound Protectors
  19. lxi

    Dealership Servicing - Beware!!!

    Firstly, I believe the OP, although my answer to his question at the end is "no". Secondly - there are good main dealers and bad main dealers, but there are also good indies and bad indies - it's the nature of the beast. It comes down to the person - the individual - who is working on the...
  20. lxi

    New all electric Mercedes

    try again that played ok for me when I checked
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