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  1. foxy1305

    W211 exterior mirror

    Searched and can't find anything?
  2. foxy1305

    W211 exterior mirror

    Ok thanks, that was very good, but hasn't solved the problem. Stripped it completely, can't see any broken wires. Gave them it a wriggle but still no movement. However in getting the mirror apart I seem to have misaligned the rest position. When the mirror housing is returned by hand it rest...
  3. foxy1305

    W211 exterior mirror

    I have been to.d by the dealer that I need a new mirror frame on my 58 plate w211 (facelift design) as it has stopped folding because some wire have broken. This will cost over £300!!! Anyone got a link to images, a walk though or video on how the mirror can be removed so that I can see if I...
  4. foxy1305

    Exterior mirror not folding

    I have a 58 plate e320cdi My near side mirror has stopped electrically folding. It started being reluctant but with help it would fold and unfoldi no problem. But then it got part way folded and stopped. I helped again but it seem to stick. Now when it unfolds it stops just shot of fully...
  5. foxy1305

    2008 comand

    any quick way of manually retreiving cds from dash. wont eject any, and wont play any. tries to eject but nothing comes out. everything else works fine thanks
  6. foxy1305

    W211 comand issue

    On my 58 plate e320 the comand system has slowed down when changing folders and tracks on music register and sd card reader. Either by button pressing or by voice if I ask for a track change, the new track appears on the screen but it can be quite a few seconds until the actual track changes...
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    Two diagnostics checks and both pointing to the need for a new turbo. As an aside my mb franchised dealer checked for nothing. The Indy charged £39!! So I have a choice of a gen mb turbo, an oe part or a reconditioned garrett turbo, with descending cost. Unsure which way to go
  8. foxy1305

    Screen logo

    I've seen a video on YouTube suggesting you can change the start up log on the nag screen. However only for an older comand system. Mine is the 2.5 version I think (late 2008) anyone done this on the newer system?
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  10. foxy1305


    Having a problem on my 58 plate E 320 cdi. Every so often when starting from cold car bunny hops down the road and goes I to limp home mode. Switch off and back on all is fine. Have been to my local MB dealer who has decided it's the turbo seals and I need anew turbo, seals and ancillaries at...
  11. foxy1305

    Xenon lights

    2008 eclass 320cdi sport. Just noticed that one of my headlights is dimmer than the other. It's lit with a pink hue. I thought with xenons they either fired up and worked at full intensity or failed totally. Any ideas?
  12. foxy1305

    Window surrounds

    Posted here on advice On an 08 e class sport the black gloss trims at the bottom of the side windows is discolouring. They have taken on the look of an 'oil slick'. Any ideas of how these can be cleaned/renovated
  13. foxy1305

    Windoww surrounds

    On an 08 e class sport the black gloss trims at the bottom of the side windows is discolouring. They have taken on the look of an 'oil slick'. Any ideas of how these can be cleaned/renovated Thanks
  14. foxy1305

    Comand bluetooth

    Hope someone can help as I can't find my co and instruction book. If I take a phone call with my mobile connected via bluetooth. How do I then continue the call in private by disconnecting the car system and using the handset or if I am still on the call when I finish my journey and want to stay...
  15. foxy1305

    Seat heaters

    I have an 08 w211 sport with full leather seats and heaters. I'm sure it must be me, but I have noticed recently that the seats don't seem to heat right at the top of the backrest. In normal use it's not noticeable but if I sit right back there is a bit of a cold spot at the top. Has anyone got...
  16. foxy1305

    F1 exhaust

    I have just purchased a set of exhaust from a williams f1. I believe they are inconel. They look wonderful and I love the cat they are discoloured with use, so definitely don't want to polish or chrome them. However they have marker pen on them that designates the car numbered etc that I would...
  17. foxy1305

    Mirror smashed

    Just has some numpty tag my drivers mirror in a lane. I have a 2008 w211 with indicators in the housing. As it turns out all that is damaged is the indicator, the glass is smashed, but all the LEDs still work. I know a complete replacement mirror is going to be lot of money so wondering if he...
  18. foxy1305

    Genuine COA

    I am looking to buy a bit of F1 memorabilia. It's an exhaust manifold from the 2006 season Renault in its championship winning year. I have found this on sale a £295 from one site but £600 from another. Both say hey are genuine and have a coa. The difference is though I think one says the coa is...
  19. foxy1305

    Glove box

    Thanks, thought I wasn't imagining it. Can't see hinges or damper though. Is it easy to repair?
  20. foxy1305

    Glove box

    Now this is a weird one. Opened the glove box last night (2008 w211) and it just seemed to flop open. It made me think, was it damped before and the damping has broken, or was I imagining this and it was just the way I opened it this time (maybe in a rush)? Can anyone advise me if it's supposed...
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