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  1. smillion

    Long shot...stolen E63

    Sorry to hear about your break-in. We were fortunate to eventually get our car back; however the biggest loss was the sentimental jewellery and the emotional impact of having had someone actually in the house. In fact the cost of the latter is still being paid and so if you can get over that...
  2. smillion

    Can I turn off washer jets for the headlights?

    Thats a start. Thank you
  3. smillion

    Can I turn off washer jets for the headlights?

    At this time of year I find myself cleaning the windscreen of flies etc. After the pre-requisite number of windscreen cleans the jets activate on the headlights covering the front of my lovely black SL350 with the fluid, which then dries to leave watermarks etc. Does anyone know whether I can...
  4. smillion

    Company director jailed after fitting laser jammer to Range Rover and giving speed cameras the finge

    Interesting reactions ...... a watcher of some of the police camera action TV programs , i find it frustrating to see many flouting the law and police relationships without consequence. And I mean without consequence. 8 months in prison. Dwell on that.
  5. smillion

    Company director jailed after fitting laser jammer to Range Rover and giving speed cameras the finge 8 months in prison- perverting the course of justice ....
  6. smillion

    Thinking of leaving Mercedes after 20 straight years of ownership...

    I got a little fed up getting stuck in the snow and so invested in a Range Rover L322 to join the household. The trouble is its become a bit of a favourite and so instead of it being a utility fourth car its often the first out the drive ! Wife loves it - we are even doing the North Coast 500...
  7. smillion

    SL advice needed .... (please)

    My "kids leave home" car is my 2012 SL 350 R231 and I absolutely love it. I was hankering a V8 having had E55, Supercharged Range Rover, Maserati and still have my classic Mustang - but I have to say my SL350 delivers all that I want from an everyday car with a fuel bill I can stomach - (jesus I...
  8. smillion

    Hidden or not very well documented "features" on your Mercedes ?

    Just found out that the Comand can read out SMS/Text messages incoming ....
  9. smillion

    C63 AMG 19"s ( what's it worth )

    I would take a look here and establish what they are new and then discount accordingly: Mercedes C Class Saloon Alloys (W205) - Alloy Wheels Direct Marc
  10. smillion

    Euro-tunnel experiences?

    Didn't know you could do this - as I vowed never to use again after I caught one of my alloys on the metal kerb as I was ushered up to the ramp. Which by its nature is offset and there is that moment where you see nothing but the carriage roof it seems. Ruined one of my Lorinser alloys ...
  11. smillion

    R63 DIY engine rebuild

    Just spent 30 minutes reading the thread. A great project and worth a look.
  12. smillion

    Hardest car iv ever tried to sell

    One of the problems you are facing is the fact the "face" of Merc has changed so dramatically in the past 10 years and cars 10 years old are beginning to look dated - we had it with my sons W211 - but its certainly the case with the CLK - whereas BMW's relative lack of development means its...
  13. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    One of my clients has a BMW i8 , attracted by the tax breaks and huge mpg. In his real world the car gets around 30mog and far from the published figures "possible". He feels as if he's been misrepresented. Although that said he has no regrets as the tax breaks are still attractive for the self...
  14. smillion

    Are Hybrid mpg and co2 levels fantasy and misleading

    Is it just me ? I'm fed up reading about stella mpg and minuscule co2 emissions on hybrid exec cars, which attract all the relevant benefits of low emission vehicles including full tax allowances for businesses that buy them and low benefit in kind for employees that run them. And yet "real...
  15. smillion

    Live traffic in command online - Is it worth it?

    Definitely worth it.....
  16. smillion

    New E Class Coupe

    I've been looking forward to seeing one in the flesh as was considering a change from the CLS. OP picture does look a little bland although the grey one at Swansea looks good.
  17. smillion

    Live traffic updates

    I didn't know Mercedes Me had live traffic until your post - my comand has TomTom and I take it its different as my Mercedes Me live traffic is currently switched off. Are they different TomTom v Mercedes Me or are they the same system? Marc
  18. smillion

    Live traffic updates

    I had issues a couple of times and had to return to the dealer - they hook it up and do their magic although to be honest I couldn't tell you what exactly they do. I am assuming its the one with the TomTom subscription? Under options ion the Traffic screen you can check whether the subscription...
  19. smillion

    SL 350 buying advice

    My sons have grown up and have their own cars and so the need for a 4 door car is now less. As a HUGE Merc advocate I'm now looking at the SL. Needing fuel economy (and so a 350 for me) and a panoramic roof, is there anything else I should consider when buying one if these. I'm looking at...
  20. smillion

    DRLs don't mean rears are on!!! Is it me ?

    The same situation today. A40 across the Cotswolds in fog. Even a lorry with just DLRs. This afternoon M4 in torrential rain. Loads of cars no lights. Presumably their auto function doesn'twork in the rain, together with the fact they are oblivious. In the old days I would switch my lights on...
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