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  1. c32andy

    Dealer used different oil

    I have a w204 c63amg and always used mobile 1 my running temp was always a steady 102c, I've just had it serviced and they have used shell ultra I'm not sure whether it's relevant but my car seems to cruise around the 97c mark now any ideas if the oil has made this difference?
  2. c32andy

    507 saloon wanted

    Oh ok...did you manage to find one?
  3. c32andy

    507 saloon wanted

    How do you know?
  4. c32andy

    507 saloon wanted

    I think gcmotors were selling it
  5. c32andy

    507 saloon wanted

    True..I saw a silver one last year for sale, I should have gone for it.
  6. c32andy

    507 saloon wanted

    hi after owning my c63amgppp for 7 years the only car i would sell mine for is a 507 saloon, so if anyone knows of any please let me know thankyou
  7. c32andy

    C63 507 Model Register

    5 years now i have owned my 2010 c63ppp with lsd i still love this car and keep it imaculate...if i was to change it it would be for a special 507 but finding one with factory lsd is very difficult (not in red)
  8. c32andy

    oil gage - -

    havent drove my car in a while and today is a hot day..... so i have to take my nephew home i gave it a little b4 engine was completly warmed up which i never do, then i noticed the oil gage stopped working it just read - - gutted i stopped and could here the oil cooler working like mad wha t...
  9. c32andy

    how many c63amgppp p30s with limited slip

    Hi all is there any way to find out how many c63 prefacelift p30s with limited slip as standard there are?
  10. c32andy

    C63 amg Legacey?? viper green

    Has anyone heard of this c63 legacey which only 10 right hand drive versions in vipoer green were made and shiped to south africa??
  11. c32andy

    C63 507 Model Register

    Here is a video of my C63 ppp driven on 5th gear...
  12. c32andy

    W204 C63 advice

    i have a 2010 p30 with lsd xtra bhp also
  13. c32andy

    C63 507 Model Register

    just brilliant if i change mine it will be for a 507 but it has to have factory limited slip diff but there arnt any for sale.
  14. c32andy

    C63 507 Model Register

    unreal searching for the right one must have lsd though
  15. c32andy


    sorry i meant lsd
  16. c32andy


  17. c32andy


    Hi all I've owned my 63 for 4years now I fancy a 507 but I want ltd as standard they seem to be quite rare..any one selling one please let me know.
  18. c32andy

    new tyres wow

    I've owned my c63ppp for 3.5years and always put continentals on I've read and read about the michelin so after only getting around 4k miles out of the rear tyres i decided to change and go for the michelins... and wow what a massive difference i can actually get traction in first where the...
  19. c32andy

    James Corden is the driver

    ?? So what model is in the advert
  20. c32andy

    welsh roads c63 ppp

    left early sunday morning from stoke heading to barmouth wow made me realise what the 63 can do it was made for the roads i encountered i found no cars at all, the power and torque is relentless around thw twisty roads one of my best ever drives....what a car.
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