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    Air intake bung or stopper for wading - W163 ML

    Thankyou!!! :) :bannana:
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    Air intake bung or stopper for wading - W163 ML

    Cool! Can I have it? :)
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    Jack failure

    Is it jack itself damaged? Where the wheels chocked? DId the car roll?
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    Tire Pressure ML W163?

    here are the pictures of the 8 and 8 1/2" wheels - they look quite different! first pic is the 8" ones, and the 2nd pic is the 8 1/2" (on the car) hope that helps!
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    Tire Pressure ML W163?

    my 275's are on 8 1/2 wheels, and the 255 winters are on 8. if theyre standard wheels, i you can tell the difference between the 8 and 8 1/2s without taking them off - i think they look slightly different. I'll have a look at mine tomorrow when its stopped raining...
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    W163 tyre size?

    i've got avon tyres 275/55R17s on my ml500. They were on it when i bought it, I wouldnt have chosen them. They're alright, but I wouldnt buy them again or particularly recommend them. For winter tyres. I've got pirelli scoprion winter 255/60R17s - these are great tyres. The car feels...
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    Tire Pressure ML W163?

    i've got 275/55 R17s on my ml500 - i normally put 38psi in all round. 32 is probably way too low!! i went to a wheel alignment place and they recommended 40, but said dont ever go below 36 with such a high sidewall. 275/60s will have an even higher sidewall, so you probably want higher...
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    Thinking about buying a large 4x4

    Looks like a great motor! How much does one of these go for, if I may ask?
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    ML55 AMG or ML 500?

    Check low range works before you buy! :)
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    W163 desperate alarm problem

    You could always leave the alarm off at night, so you can get some sleep! With the drivers door open, lock the doors with the central switch from inside the car and then close the drivers door and lock it with the key blade....
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    lug bolt guide

    Brilliant! Thankyou! :-)
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    lug bolt guide

    Hi all, On my W140 there used to be a thing in the toolkit to help mounting wheels on the hub - it was a silver guide that screwed into the hub so you could line the wheel up easily. Trying to find the equiv on the w163 toolkit and cant find out - should there be one? Anyone got a part...
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    w163 folding mirrors

    Can you fold the mirrors while you're driving? Had to get through a tight spot today so wanted to fold the mirrors in to give a bit more room, but they wouldnf fold in -- should they? I've only ever tried it on the ML when parked up, but I used to fold em in the old S class all the time when...
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    2003 W163 Electrical niggle

    Did the RAC fit the right battery? Did you have the problem with the old battery as well, or just since the new one was fitted?
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    W208 Air con BIG CON

    They should refund it. I got my S class charged there a few years ago, and the next day it wasn't working again. Turned out it was a problem with the condenser, so I got that fixed elsewhere. But KwikFit refunded the 50 quid no problem.... What are their reasons for not refunding it? If...
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    Car hunt - C180 - R485 AKP

    Are they allowed to release the information?
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    Calling all W202 owners - cup holder

    Only problem with these is they get in the drivers way on a RHD car!
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    w163 bonnet - open to 90 deg?

    On my W140 and W202, I could open the bonnet to (virtually) 90 degrees. I cant see a way to do this on the W163 - is it possible? Thanks!
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