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    3rd High level brake light

    Hi all, I've been trying to measure the supply to the 3rd brake light, my multimeter registers 12v only momentarily then I have to wait before it will register 12v again. Does the Voltage switch off if an open circuit is detected as I have the light disconnected? The mechanic disconnected it...
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    Dreaded rapid flashing indicators after locking

    Rapid flashing after locking Hi Dieselman, I've just read this post and I have the same problem I think. My car is a 270cdi clk 2003. Could you tell me where this alarm battery is located on my car so I can check it out. Approximately how long will the indicators flash before they time out? (...
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    Bloody snow

    bad weather tyres A couple of weeks before christmas, I returned home from a night shift pleased that I didn't have to scrape my car, it was raining. By the time I arrived home 24 miles away I didn't realise that the rain was falling on ice on my drive. My car just slid into the house. One new...
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    Diesel Particulate Filter

    Well I guess I will have to spend the hours stripping it down then, but is there anyway to check the motor once it is off?
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    Diesel Particulate Filter

    ok I'l take your word for that, as anybody got any ideas then or have I just got to take the hit (and a mortgage) and take it in to a dealership?
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    Diesel Particulate Filter

    Hi everyone, currently have a fault code showing on my clk 270cdi p1189 vacuum intake shutdown. If I have a blocked DPF would this cause this error code and stick the car in limp mode. I have checked vacuum lines and cleaned EGR valve valves open at about 15Hg. The fact that it says "shutdown"...
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    mercedes c270 inlet port shut off

    Thats interesting Murray Motors! Does this really work? I have this problem on my 2003 clk 270cdi, and it will save a nice wedge if it works. Hopefully I might be able to get the linkage back on without taking the manifold off but if I have to this could be the way to go.
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    Advise for dianostic software

    Thanks once again
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    STAR Codes: What Next?

    Hi guys, does anybody know how many of the numerous fault codes actually put a 270cdi into limp mode. I have an Indy diagnostic check booked for Friday and don't want to go in ignorant. For example would a temp related fault cause limp mode?
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    Advise for dianostic software

    Thanks Silver Star, I'll look in to that. I assume it will require Windows PC. Do you know what protocol my 2003 clk would be. I've searched for a plate under the bonnet with it on. The only reference I can find is the owners handbook refers to CAN but the book is for alludes petrol and diesel.
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    Advise for dianostic software

    Hi lads, just been browsing through this thread wondering if anybody has any experience of diagnostic tools on pre 2004 diesels (specifically a 2003 clk 270 cdi) and could advise on the best hand held? thanks for any help.
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    CLK Engine Fault Codes

    fault code reader. Has anybody used a hand held scanner on a 2003 270cdi? My car does have an OBD socket but I'm not sure what scanner to purchase as it is pre 2004. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Engine check light on

    Can anybody tell me where the oxygen sensor is on my 2003 clk 270 cdi. The car starts and drives ok until i want to accelerate away quick. Fuel consumption is normal so I don't think there are any serious problems. Could it be just a matter of resetting the check light and if it doesn't come...
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