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    Keyless Entry Car Theft

    You could always keep your key in a Keyfob RFID Signal Blocking Bag from the likes of Amazon etc
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    Would you buy another Merc ?

    I just traded the 220 coupe for the new VW Tiguan R line. Complete change of vehicle type but didn't look at another Mercedes as I found the W204 coupe to be noisy, both engine and road noise, suffered from interior creaks and rattles, the radio button surround was in my opinion nasty cheap...
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    Daimler recalls 75,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in UK

    Daimler recalls 75,000 Mercedes-Benz cars in UK - BBC News
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    Orange peel
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    slight wobble on the rev counter when driving

    Had the same issue on idle, took it to The dealers as I had been told there was a service bulletin issued relating to a fix for this fault.
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    Approved used service - warranty.

    Its worth exploring the service plan option, your Mercedes Mobilo, breakdown and recovery, is automatically renewed on completion of the annual service, saves having any approved used warranty concerns, the plan would cover the service and additional items as required and includes the auto box...
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    W204 Rear Parking assist

    The sensors only sound when very close to an object
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    Tailored Mats

    eBay or gumtree. I found an original set with the AMG logo in as new condition for a fraction of the main dealer price
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    Hand held vacuum

    I find the 12v plugin one I have works just fine
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    My neighbour is a knob .....

    My plate cost no more than what would be spent on a night out, hardly call that a legacy
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    2 free services

    Select your car model and enter details to see what's included in your next service Mercedes-Benz ESS
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    C204 Radio start up station change.

    Had the same issue in my C204 when I purchased the car last January, its the DAB radio audio 20. The dealer performed a software upgrade which resolved the problem, working perfect ever since. I believe there has been a TSB ssued regarding the fault.
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    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    2 dents in the drivers door, they could be best described as small sharp dents. It did bug me every time I walked up to the car as they were very noticeable. Cost me £120 inc VAT worth every penny. No filler, no painting just a flawless repair
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    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    I had left the car with them, dropped off for 9am collect 2pm, don't know what method they used to repair the ones on my car. When I was looking on the net for info Smart repairs, sometime referred to as paintless repair, uses various methods, heating the panel, using rods and such to ply the...
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    Dings in Drivers Door - Chipsaway Glasgow

    Just thought I'd share my repair experience. I purchased an approved used White C220 CDI AMG Sport Coupe, really enjoyed the first few days of owning the car but after only a week of ownership it had become the victim of car park dings on the drivers door. They looked quite deep and at the time...
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    Upcoming MOT & service...

    warranty ends in January 2017, as you say, confidence if a warranty claim arose. Will decide if I'm keeping the car past this day or not near the time.
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    Upcoming MOT & service...

    I've just booked my C220 Coupe in for a B service at Glasgow, £620.
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    Wiper Blades

    Lewyboy try Andrex Skin Kind toilet paper, it has the naturally caring touch of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a clean that helps to nurture your most delicate skin. :)
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Can anyone guess where I am? :-) Isle of Wight
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    Dont buy a Nissan, Should had bought a Vito!!

    Doesn't Nissan share much of its components and platforms with Renault/Peugeot these days?.
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