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    1999 c240 elegance auto info please

    Make sure the bodywork is rust free, the aircon works and the pick up on acceleration is not poor which could lead to a failed air mass sensor!!!
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    Stunning 1980 W124 E500

    A stunning example, listing needs to be corrected though as it reads 1980???
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    w126 560sel

    I actually like that, very retro and MB did some and still do so funky colour combinations.
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    Mercedes w210 electric fan

    I cant remember the exact year but Mercedes did away the viscous fan and introduce a single electric fan for cooling. My brother had a 98 C240 with twin electric fans and a viscous and his friend had a 99 C240 with a single electric fan so im assuming this transition happened at some point...
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    W124 fridge

    Pointless optional extra, as Talbir mentioned its more a gimmick than anything else. Years ago I used to own a G reg 2.9 Granada Scorpio which had a very big glove compartment, you could have the aircon directed to the glovecompartment only to cool any item down. It was simple but more effective...
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    W201 with AMG kit

    Nice car, i also like that colour otherwise known as bornite.
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    Unique W126

    Thanks for that, seems like Dash got there before me, makes me wonder what he does for a living as he always seems to spot or find ebay goodies???
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    Unique W126

    Not sure if a 1000 SEL existed but looks like it had Stratton AMG conversion on the cosmetics. Wheels aren't original either but can be a nice project. VERY RARE AND BEAUTIFUL MERCEDES 1000 SEL AMG on eBay (end time 17-Jun-10 22:19:40 BST)
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    W202 in an unusual green colour!!!

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    What triggers ASR light on W124?

    My W124 had ASR, I had a similar problem whilst driving. It turned out to be a simple fix. One of the rear tyres had considerably less air due to a slow puncture, once i got the tyre repaired and inflated the problem went away.
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    E39 BMW Alarm Question

    Some of the members here may have been BMW owners in the past or currently are but I was hoping someone can help me. I currently have a 1999 E39, problem is I unlocked the car and as I turned the ignition, the alarm and immobiliser came on. Problem is I cannot get it to go off and I cant find...
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    W124 E36 Estate

    IMO its just W124 touring with the AMG engine and mechanics plus alloy wheels. Though its rare and is a Q car, it just doesnt have the appeal of E280 or E320 with the AMG styling package including suspension. Nick sold an E280 with a factory fitted Gen 2 bodykit, suspension and better looking...
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    W124 E36 Estate

    Nice car but it seems to be sitting a bit too high for an AMG????
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    What is dimming mirror

    Be warned Dash, they always go for silly money. I also recall Simal aka Akaash who is a forum member had a spare one, see if he still has it? Forgot to mention, the power source is taken from the dome light and they also work with the infra red locking.
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    What is dimming mirror

    The function of a rear view dimming mirror is to stop you from being blinded by traffic from behind ie, 4x4 which sits much higher or a car with unaligned beams. The mirror contains a sensor which will dim the mirror to stop the light being reflected into your eyes. It works on the same...
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    Info on W210

    . I have to admit the E39 BMW series is a quality drivers car and i cannot explain why but I want to go back to a Merc!!! The build quality especially the bodywork and paint is miles ahead of Mercs of the same era but I guess I prefer the MB brand. Dont want an estate, Mrs hates them so I...
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    Info on W210

    I have seen the boot on a W210, its very big in comparison!!! My beemer is no rocket ship as it is only 1991cc engine however it happens to be a straight six so i guess the 2 extra cylinders make a difference however i dont drive fast anymore and therefore not looking for performance but more...
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    Info on W210

    I know this model has been covered before but i am looking for specific information for the E200 model. My current run around is a BMW E39 520i but I found that the boot is not big enough to accomodate other things once the pushchair is in there and i know the W210 has a massive boot. I do...
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    W210 320 Avantgarde

    Is that not a members car?
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    W201 AMG Kitted

    Saw this on autotrader about 6 months ago advertised by a trader for 2.5k, nice looking apart from the double exhausts and almadine red really suits the 190's. 1992 MERCEDES 190E AUTO RED on eBay (end time 24-Jan-10 14:31:30 GMT)
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