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    SLC43 AMG new battery.

    Hi, Did the like for like battery require coding or did you just swap old with new? Today a Res battery warning displayed on the dash and I suspect it could be down to the battery...
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    4x R171/R172 SLK 17" Winter alloys, tyres with TPMS

    She's bought herself a BMW. . . :eek: Winter wheel bump
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    4x R171/R172 SLK 17" Winter alloys, tyres with TPMS

    Hi everyone, My wife is selling her winter wheel set from her R172 SLK but I believe these sizes will fit R171 models too but please check yourself. 4 Dezent TD 17" 7.5J ET40 alloys wheels with Continental Winter Contact TS860 tyres 225/45 R17 91 H with approximately 7.5mm tread left (they were...
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    W204 C63 Amg owner looking for inspiration

    Have you seen the Oz wheels in this thread? They look ace [emoji41] W204 C63 Fire Opal Red Project thread. W204 C63 Fire Opal Red Project thread.
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    C63 AMG what do I replace it with?

    How can the fuel of the devil be great in anything other than trains or HGVs?! .....Lies. Lies and heresy I say:p
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    C63 AMG what do I replace it with?

    Lexus GSF?
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    To warrant or not to warrant (or to sell) my C63

    I'm in the same situation. Same mileage, same age, same car and I've not had a problem either. If the warranty is less than £100 PCM and you won't miss the money then maybe it's worth the cash even only for selling it on at some point should you find a motor you fancy. Alternative is having a...
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    Finally got one!

    It must've been twitching like a rabbits nose! Good on you mate, ballsy in this weather :D
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    Supercharge or GTR?

    I tried a MY17 GTR recently and I was sold almost immediately- it's a different kind of fast compared to a C63. MY17 interior is leaps ahead of the older GTR models and whilst it's not as good as the C63, it's not bad either- i'd even go as far to say the door cards are better than in our cars...
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    W204 C63 or w212 E63?

    I'm not sure what premium the 507 holds but you could get a standard model and get a Eurocharged map for £550 from MSL at the minute and have 95% of the 507 performance (all the bhp but not the lightweight engine internals) and have a wad of change if £10k is the premium. Doubt you could notice...
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    W204 C63 Newbie

    Yeah I did mine with smooth black hammerite. Dead easy to do with them on the car. Just make sure to do a few mm onto the surface where the wheel bolts to as its exposed when the wheel is back on.
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    Is it or isn't it a 507?

    **WHY DO PEOPLE INSIST ON MAKING CAR ADVERTS IN BLOCK CAPITALS?** IT'S LIKE THEY'RE SHOUTING SAME WAY AS THE TW@T ON THE CILLIT BANG ADVERTS. Anyway, I'm guessing it's an impostor. Nice car all the same though from the looks of it.
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    W204 C63 Insurance

    Same here. GoSkippy were the most competitive this year by a fair amount. £346 for the year which isn't bad.
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    Main dealer service- supply own parts

    So some feedback here. Main stealer seem happy to do the work with supplied parts, didn't question anything. Labour is £450 for the three hours work so only saves £68. Maybe not worth the hassle but I'll ponder it.
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    Main dealer service- supply own parts

    Never knew that. £1104 for two services is the quote online (tried the code AMG150 but that's expired it seems) so would make the A service next year £373 which I think is a bit steep given there are no additional items required next time. Any idea how much a standard A service is? That takes...
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    Main dealer service- supply own parts

    Thanks for the input guys, appreciated. I did consider a service plan but I doubt I'll have the car another 3 years. Would benefit the next owner for sure and maybe a good selling point when the time I guess but wouldn't make sense for me at the minute as a cost reduction exercise. I'll get in...
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    Main dealer service- supply own parts

    Hi guys My car needs a service next month, a rather expensive B service and also requires spark plugs and brake fluid. How do I go about having the work done at MB (I want to have main dealer service history so no indie) but supplying my own OEM parts? Can I just call and request a quote and...
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    C63 Rear Tyres...after 4k miles

    Is there not a tread wear number on the tyre wall to indicate how soft the compound is? Could compare MPSS to OE tyres to see which one is softer.
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    R172 SLK winter wheels

    Says in the title buddy: R172. Specifically 2015 '15 plate.
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