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    Fitting 255/35 winters all round to an e63. Garage tells me it won't work?!

    Official AMG document attached. Front: 19x9ET37 2553519 96V M+S Rear: 19x9.5ET52 2553519 96V M+S Conditions: 3a - only for E63 versions 6 - Slimline snowchains permitted 7 - See under the tank flap for pressures 8 - For the S212 E63 (ie yours!) only permissible up to 220km/h
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    Winter wheel ideas

    Those are nice. In stock at LC Cologne and their margin is 17% for group 69 products. Price should be a touch more at checkout because of charging UK 20% VAT instead of German 19%.
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    Winter wheel ideas

    Competition is good! Pallet makes sense, probably TNT.. I'll factor them into our 2018 pricing. We ship directly from Germany too now..
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    Winter wheel ideas

    I guess they shift boxes rather than offer a complete wheel/tyre/tpms/fitment service. Wonder what they do for packaging since MB wheel boxes aren't suitable for sending wheels in. Big damage! Alloy Wheels Direct (me!) pricematch
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    Winter wheel ideas

    You also get 10mm tread on Winter tyres vs 8mm on Summer, so 30% more useful life
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    Winter wheel ideas

    GeeJayW, Ive checked the MB doc and you'll need minimum: 17x7ET48.5 with 2255017-94H for your S205 C250d AMG. Always good to check against the VIN though. All the OE MB wheels are also here Mercedes C Class Estate Alloys (S205) - Alloy Wheels Direct
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    Winter wheel ideas

    as an aside, I have a W169 with 15" steel wheels and Conti Winter Contact TS810s on for the Winter and 16" MB alloys with Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verde for Summer. Winter wheelsets are a small price to pay for a huge increase in safety. The initial outlay is mitigated against both saving...
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    Winter wheel ideas

    Rad- & Reifenkombinationen then click "Zulässige Rad- und Reifenkombinationen." Permissible wheel and tyre combinations. That link has all the official AMG and Mercedes wheel and tyre combinations for your cars. the trade off between small to larger wheels is mainly aesthetics vs cost. Often...
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    Brabus wheels for ML55 amg

    Hi Jeff If you can message me your chassis number and email address i will gladly send you over the Brabus technical document which will supply all the info you need! Thanks Simon
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    Car going back....options

    VT actually stands for voluntaryt termination or early termination, once you have paid half the total amount payable you are legally allowed to hand the car back with no extra charges even if you are in negative equity, so if you where in a 5 year agreement and had paid 26 payments or over half...
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    tyre size for rims

    HI Are you looking to run the 8.5 rims all round? as the normal winter set-up for C207 on an 18" rim would be staggered or just the 8"width all round? Normally you would put 18x8 ET45 all round with a 235/40R18 and if staggered the rears would be 18x8.5 and a 255/35R18 running these sizes will...
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    A2084010602 Black alloy

    Hi the part number supplied is not known by star order? so i cannot chek the sizings what sort of car is it from and if possible can you supply a chassis number and i will check this for you? Thanks Simon
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    18" AMG Mono Block II Wheel Bolt Size ?

    Hi The bolt size for those wheels fitted to an S210 are - Shaft Length/mm: 39 Thread pitch: M12x1.5 Drive type: 17mm Seat type: 12mm radius Fitment Thanks Simon
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    Wheel corrosion vs warranty

    If the dealer has pointed out and made you aware of an issue with the car then this would be classed as a known problem or accepted condition of the sale. The only way around it is if the vehicle is still within the manufacturers warranty and alloy corrosion would only be covered normally for...
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    SL 500 alloys onto a 209 CLK

    Hi V12 i am not advertising just advising as to bolts and to the correct fitments at no point has a company name been mentioned and also we are in the process of emailing and dealing with Koolvin with respect to this and possibly getting ourselves in to the authorised position. If you see the...
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    SL 500 alloys onto a 209 CLK

    I am talking about the Radius seat not the size of bolt so apologies for not making myself clear! you can buy an M12 bolt with a radius seat of 14 through a certain online company specifically for this issue. most mercedes bolts are M12xR12 and M14xR14 but we supply a M12x R14 to accomodate...
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    What year was the SL the wheels came off as the later ones used an M14xR14 bolt wheras the 209 uses a M12xR12 bolt so if it is a later SL (230) you would need to change the bolts as the radius seat would be incorrect? Thanks Simon
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    Choice of 3 types of alloys on w209

    100% the mutlispokes, looks really good!
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    Will they fit? Correct offset

    Hi what size and width are the wheels? Thanks Simon
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    Another tyre size question.... Sorry!

    Hi all We also recommend a 225/45R17 tyre for this vehicle and wheels size. Thanks Simon
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